Things to do, Things to do

Actually I have been bored off my rocker lately since I have no energy and Michael has asked that I not go downstairs to sew when he is not home. Those of you who know me know that even if I were one to watch TV (which I am not) that is also in the basement.

But I do have things I need to do….so I shall do them

Monday: I need to figure out how to use the Ipod so I can have music while I am in labor. If my poor daughter can’t be born in the south the least I can do is make sure we have Johnny Cash playing when she does decide to make her appearance. Which I seriously hope is any day now.

Tuesday: Due to the continued flooding in my basement I have decided to move the sewing room back upstairs. The flooding has thus far only terrorized one area but since we can not figure out why or how to stop it I have decided to not take any chances. Plus I am thinking it will be better in the long run for me to be able to sew while Lentil naps and such as opposed to us always going down stairs. The full move will not take place until after my mother in law leaves since we will need that room as a guest room while she is here. But I can get started on a small area so I can at least work on little projects to pass the time.

Wed: Perhaps Lentil will be born?


My Mission Statement

This week at 7 habits training we were tasked with writing a mission statement for out lives. Kind of a road map and a set of values we hope to follow. I found this exercise to be both enlightening and helpful in providing me focus and direction. I am going to share it here.

I Choose to live compassionate;y and creatively.

I choose:

To put God first, others second and myself last.

To make my life a celebration of the talents and blessings I have been given.

To make my relationships edifying, beneficial and cherished. To make my marriage a priority.

To treat everything from people to the earth with compassion and respect.

To pursue my love of art, literature and music and to constantly seek knowledge.

To remove negative influences from trashy media to gossip and malignant people.

To put a more concentrated effort into helping others in need and spreading the gospel of Christ.

To have a simple and Christ centered home where people feel welcomed and loved.

To seek balance in all aspects of my life and to laugh a lot!


Do you have a life mission statement? Would you mind sharing it? If you haven’t made one I highly recommend it.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

I am very excited this week because I get to go to the 7 Habits training which is provided by the company I work for. I am finding it so beneficial. Especially since I have so much going on in my life both private and public and I want to make sure that I am as effective as possible.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people are:

Be Proactive

Begin with the end in mind.

Put first things first

Seek win-win

Listen first to understand then to be understood


Sharpen the saw.


The habit I will be working on first is to seek first to understand and then to be understood. As a talkative person I fear that when communicating with other people I might dominate the conversation. This is not what I wish to do as I don’t want people I interact with to think I don’t respect them.

Opinions please…

So we will be having extended company in May so one of my bigger priorities is to make our guest room look fabulous. My goal for this room is modern, elegant and relaxing. I also have to be careful not to make it too “girly” since not all of our guests are female. That was Michael’s 2 cents on the matter.

Michael has agreed to pain the room a lovely milk chocolate brown. I am thinking of using these fabric to decorate with:

Joel Dewberry Almond Aviary Sparrow and Chocolate Sunburst Half Yard Fabric Bundle


Joel Dewberry Aviary Sunburst in Dark Green, full yard ON SALE THROUGH END OF JAN


Joel Dewberry Rose in Orange 1 yd.


Fat Quarter Set - Four Joel Dewberry Aviary Prints

And I was thinking of using one of these patterns to make the quilt





I do crop


Which one? Please vote


I am actually thinking of making 2 quilts for the room. One for the bed and one on an old quilt rack at the foot of the bed. My reasoning for this is because a lot of  our guests are from down south and we know what this Wisconsin winter can do to a tender southern soul. But I would want one of the quilts to be a more traditional quilt.

I picked these fabric because I love then but also because they currently reside in my stash so it will not require me breaking my fabric fast. Also I am trying to make this as low budget as possible since we are saving for our trip and for a farm. I am kind of making a little game out of it “How cheap can you be” just kidding. But you get the point.

I am also going to make new window treatments and wall art. And hopefully I can find a fun old light fixture at a thrift shop or antiques store.

My goal is to have the room completely finished by March 1st so cross your fingers.

The Simple Art of Domesticity

Or the pleasant joys of homemaking. Whatever works for you. No, I am not referring to housework with fondness. I do not enjoy scrubbing floors, toilets or dishes. Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping are for the birds…well actually at McKissick Manor we have to do those things more often because of the birds but I digress. I am talking about homemaking. The effort and love we pour into making our house a pleasant, relaxing and beautiful home. A refuge from the chaos of the world a retreat where you can center yourself and connect with your family. A space that bring you joy and truly reflects who you are.


I have been contemplating these things recently and I find that as I grow older it has gained importance in my life. Things such as baking,cooking, hostessing, creating art, decorating and keeping the health department from condemning it. I am striving to have a more home centered life. So I am going to post my goals and desires for each room sort of as a to do list and to track my accomplishments.


What are you doing to make your house a home?


Leave a comment and I will randomly pick a winner and send them a prize to help make their home cozy.

What I did on my Stay-cation Chapter 2

I needed different decor and art for my living room and I removed any item we could possible pile stuff on hoping to deter the clutter. It was making me insane. So we re arranged the furniture, moved things to other rooms and starting creating new art work. I have several things in the “finishing up process” (No smart a$$ remarks please Christin) But here is a project I finished.

We resuced this old bench some time ago and I decided it needed a new lease on life. I am a magnet for things destined for the dump.


and I turned it into this


Michael wanted to paint the wood but I think it gives it character and pays homage to it’s roots as early attic/pre garage sale rubbish. That and I don’t really like things to look all shiny and new. I prefer things with quirks.


I also decided to make some new drapes for the picture window but no pics yet as I am not quite finished. Actually I was trying to finish them up in a hurry after mid-night one nigh which has resulted in me needed to seem rip a ton of serged seams. Which stinks. I will pick the seam while we watch our netflix this weekend and hopefully install them and post pictures early next week.

Look what Crys Cre8ted

New throw pillows for our family room we are redoing in the basement.

100_1651.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys


Mr. Basting spray is there for size reference. These bad boys are big!


100_1648.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys


Michael picked some of the fabric. I decided to do a room that also reflects him (I guess its only fair since he also lives here) and since his favorite color is blue that’s what we went with. I made scrappy log cabin blocks and then made them into pillows. I love the log cabin block.  It ‘s so versatile. Our goal is to have this room nearly finished by the end of January so hopefully I will have lots of fun new things to show this month.