Opinions please…

So we will be having extended company in May so one of my bigger priorities is to make our guest room look fabulous. My goal for this room is modern, elegant and relaxing. I also have to be careful not to make it too “girly” since not all of our guests are female. That was Michael’s 2 cents on the matter.

Michael has agreed to pain the room a lovely milk chocolate brown. I am thinking of using these fabric to decorate with:

Joel Dewberry Almond Aviary Sparrow and Chocolate Sunburst Half Yard Fabric Bundle


Joel Dewberry Aviary Sunburst in Dark Green, full yard ON SALE THROUGH END OF JAN


Joel Dewberry Rose in Orange 1 yd.


Fat Quarter Set - Four Joel Dewberry Aviary Prints

And I was thinking of using one of these patterns to make the quilt





I do crop


Which one? Please vote


I am actually thinking of making 2 quilts for the room. One for the bed and one on an old quilt rack at the foot of the bed. My reasoning for this is because a lot of  our guests are from down south and we know what this Wisconsin winter can do to a tender southern soul. But I would want one of the quilts to be a more traditional quilt.

I picked these fabric because I love then but also because they currently reside in my stash so it will not require me breaking my fabric fast. Also I am trying to make this as low budget as possible since we are saving for our trip and for a farm. I am kind of making a little game out of it “How cheap can you be” just kidding. But you get the point.

I am also going to make new window treatments and wall art. And hopefully I can find a fun old light fixture at a thrift shop or antiques store.

My goal is to have the room completely finished by March 1st so cross your fingers.


9 thoughts on “Opinions please…

  1. I love the fabric! Tough choice for me with the quilt patterns though, I love them both. Hmm… I’m going to go for the 2nd one. I think the circle appliques would allow you to showcase some of the bird print beautifully!

  2. The 2nd one (with circles) for the bed. And some round throw pillows ON the bed. And the first quilt pattern on the quilt rack or across the end of the bed or on the back of a chair.


  3. I love all the fabrics…love brown and anything. I don’t think I would make it in Wisconsin…but know what you mean about having two quilts..for the Southerners. I keep neutral quilts.duvets on beds…and a stack of quilts that they can pick what they want to sleep under. That way I can keep on making ones I like.

  4. I think that you should go with the second fabric for the curtains and then do the second quilt pattern for the bed. I love that you’re going to pait your room chocolate brown. Can I make your curtains for/with you?

  5. Personally, in the 4th pic of the curtain fabric, I like the white and yellow striped fabric. I think those would make some very nice curtains. And one miniature throw pillow, just to tie it all together.

  6. Well I’ll be the odd ball of the group! I like the first quilt for the bed, the second for the quilt rack, a wall hanging or on the end of the bed. Like the stripe for the curtains and accent pillow(s) on the bed–maybe a bedroll pillow with piping on the ends instead of ruffles–not girlish that way. Make your shams like the big squared off European shams –having not 2 but 3 or 4 using the fabrics you use in the quilt. Use quilt fabrics too to make square throwpillows for the bed.
    Listen to us!?! IF you listen to us you’ll be working on this room for years and we’ll still be giving you ideas on what to add and do! Love the chocolate walls! We have them in our bedroom, too.

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