You really want to be me right about now!

Cuz I just totally won the blog give away over at Yeppar! That’s right, the GRAND PRIZE…5 new patterns for me. Words can not describe how happy I am about this. I woke up early just to see who won ūüôā So glad I did. Go check out her Etsy shop. Her patterns are both modern and classic, they are modern classic if you will. I already have the Hannah pattern. The directions are clear and concise with lots of pictures along the way. And frankly I think she is under charging¬†for such brilliant designs but hey, that is great for ya’ll. I don’t need to worry about her prices since I get 5 free!!!!!

I know today is gonna be a great day. Off to pick out my loot!


She is a beautiful blessing from the Lord

and on Sunday we dedicated her back to Him.

The idea of a baby dedication is rather new to us as it wasn’t done in our old church. But we love the concept of coming before God and the body of Christ (our church) and promising to do our best to raise her up in the way of the Lord and also to ask for the church’s prayers and help in that task. All told it probably only took 5 minutes but it was so sweet and meaningful although my dear baby spent the whole time blowing raspberries at her favorite people, making fish lips and clucking noises and finishing it off by singing a song….loudly.

**Disclaimer** A baby dedication is very different from a baptism. We did not baptism Reagan as we believe the Bible teaches that she must first sin, repent, have faith and then be baptized into Christ.

Tea for 3 please

I forgot to share this with ya’ll. A couple of weeks ago we had Ms. Elizabeth over for a tea party. Ms. Elizabeth is a very sweet lady who goes to church with us. She is 88 and has been playing the piano at the Plano Christian church since she was 12! We are a kindred spirit (Oh, how I love Anne of Green Gables) as we both love and collect tea cups!

Ms. Elizabeth just loves Reagan. She tells me she doesn’t think this baby has ever cried she is so sweet. Of course 10 minutes before she arrived Reagan was throwing a royal fit but as soon as company arrived she put on her public face and was sweet as pie. I found that hilarious. Granted she doesn’t cry often or much but she is certainly strong-willed.

I really should have pressed my table-cloth…

I served homemade chicken salad in a purple cabbage leaf to make it pretty. I also set out a selection of raw veggies.

Since Michael and I are eating Paleo¬†(The Paleo¬†Diet) I didn’t make a proper tea but I did serve Elizabeth homemade molasses cookies fresh from the over. I took the rest to my sweet neighbor lest we be tempted.

It truly was a lovely afternoon.


I suspect that if I took a vow of silence that my to-do list would finally start getting smaller.

My biggest challenge is not other people piling work on me since I am a stay at home, pastor’s wife….oh no! It is and always has been me and my big mouth. I volunteer, I take over, and even more often…it was my big idea in the first place.

While I have come to the realization the perhaps I am not superwoman, I still have high aspirations. But right now I need to get some mad time management skills… currently I have sitting on my plate to organize a camp work day, VBS¬†(looming large and in charge), we need to revamp our sunday school program for the kids (I appointed myself coordinator), our weekly playgroup, I decided to make all of Reagan’s clothes and more cloth diapers,gardening to¬†save money on our grocery bill,¬†lots of homework and assignments for our Thursday night class, researching homeschool methods, trying to keep my house clean (and failing miserably), the humongous pile of boxes just chillin’ out in my yard, sorting things for the New Hope rummage sale fundraiser and baking cookies for the bake sale, I also have my heart set on making them a quilt to auction off… PLUS keeping up with this very busy and adventurous girly


And the most important thing on my plate is my relationship with God. If I am going to live a life of peace and blessings then my personal prayer and devotion time can not always be the first thing to get cut when I get too busy. I should use that time with God to center me, strengthen me and gear me up for my super busy, super blessed life……so, what’s a girl to do?

I have a couple ideas..but PLEASE share any others you may have.

I am going to make myself a daily schedule. This will include getting up at 6am for my bible study and prayer. I will make a weekly schedule of the housework that needs done and have a time set aside for it each day which will be during Reagan’s first nap. I will use from 8pm-10pm¬†for my sewing time each evening after Reagan goes to sleep. I am also going to hire a “mother’s helper”. That’s a young girl at church who is willing to work for peanuts and will come for 2 hours or so twice a week to play with Reagan while I get other stuff done at home. Since Reagan is a climber she requires constant attention lest she climb the stairs, grab the bird, eat carpet fuzz… I also want her to be engaged and since we don’t put her in front of the T.V. (we don’t even have one) it required me to be creative. Michael is very supportive and has agreed to pray for me and this new schedule which I will start tomorrow. It will just take some prayer and practice to find the rhythm of our home!

Farm fun!

We love animals! We are so excited that so many people at our new church live on farms. Spring is a wonderous time on the farm especially farms who have kids who do 4H.

We took Reagan the other day to visit our friends The Rogers. They have lots of animals on their farm and we even got to watch them shear some lambs. Plus they give me the raw wool!

I love how intrigued and curious Reagan is… she wasn’t scared at all. She was trying really hard to get down so she can do some exploring on her own but since she has to also taste to explore (what is with putting everything in the mouth?!?!) we thought it best to keep her contained.


I serious love old tractors! Seriously

We met bacon I mean pigs.

And baby chicks! I had to check Michael before we left to make sure he didn’t try to chick-nap any…he LOVES baby chicks…and chickens.

I suspect Reagan was a little confused as to why she can pet this bird but not the bird at home. Although I must say that petting this bird has renewed her interested in a certain feathered sibling…


If you have read my blog for any amount of time you will know how I feel about goats!


The sheep weren’t very pleased about getting a haircut and thus uncooperative with my desire to take their pictures.

We had a great time. It was so neat to introduce our sweet baby to this part of God’s creation!

Spring Sewing!

I have started to work on Reagan’s spring/summer wardrobe. I love having a little girl to sew for and dress up. Michael did remind me to make things other than dresses and while that isn’t as fun I guess I can see his point.

When we were stuck in the dumpy trailer I traced and cut out several things for¬†spring/summer and so now I am finishing up the sewing so I can dream up more projects. Actually I have to take a break and make another birthday dress but that shouldn’t take too long. Since I am committed¬†to sewing all of her clothes I have started scheduling my sewing time more regularly. I am trying to get in the habit of sewing clothing¬†from 8pm until 10pm (but I usually stay at it till 11:30 or so once I get started). My goal is to work on quilts during nap times and I have set up a small sewing station downstairs using a microwave cart. It is so nice to have Eloise my Singer Featherweight fixed!

Ok, enough rambling. I know you what to see the goods…

The pattern is the Portabellapixie Claire pattern. (Peasant dress view)

It was a seriously gorgeous day out today

This is the same pattern (obviously) but made in a tunic length to wear over shorts/skirts/pants/cloth diaper…

I find it rather easy and very productive to make a couple of the same pattern at the same time. It doesn’t add very much time to your project and the payout is big.

Thanks for looking.

My little apple trees looked prettier the other day when I originally tried to get the pictures but it was so windy it kept blowing the dresses out of the tree.

Our first trip to the Library!

Michael and I love to read and I have always loved the library. The smell of old books is intoxicating…so is the smell of new books bought in a store with a coffee shop! We are trying very hard to encourage a love of reading in Reagan. We read “her” books to her 3 times a day or more and we leave them¬†in a bin on the floor so she can handle them and “read” them herself. Now that she is crawling and creeping she will bring a book over to you and expect for you to pick it up and look at it with her. We took this as a clue it was time to make our first trip to the library for story time.

Heading in for story time.

Pretty impressed with all the books.

Meeting the Librarian!

Selecting our titles

A little guidance from daddy.

We peed thru our diaper (and it was a disposable) and had to sit through story time with no pants.

Is it just me or does Michael look more engaged in the story than Reagan does?

Our very first library card!