I am slightly annoyed and since I probably shouldn’t vent my frustration to the people annoying me (Must be a good preacher’s wife) I will take it to my blog…where I can just be me (warts, sarcasm and all)

I am getting pretty annoyed with the people who assume that since Michael is home he must have nothing to do. Hello! He works from home and actually has a lot to do. You see, as the teacher, minister and encourager to a lovely congregation of people here in Stevens Point he has lessons to plan, sermons to prepare, people to visit, his prison correspondence and on occasion (like now) a sister in Christ who needs a ride to the Dr. And should he manage to finish all that in a week he does have an extremely long honey do list that currently has very few things checked off, an extremely pregnant wife and a baby due in less than 8 weeks. He also works 20 hours a week at the hospital and has been enjoying his gardening time when he can squeeze it in. (Yikes, when I type it all out, even I feel sorry for him)

Michael likes having people stop by and especially those who have a need for counsel and such. However we have a few who have started popping by every day to shoot the breeze. One individual will stop by and stay for like 2 hours. There is no need that needs to be address, they are just bored or lonely. Michael is far to kind to ever say anything but I can tell the stress is starting to mount up. Plus we have to consider what this will mean when Lentil arrives. We are arranging our schedules so we don’t need to use outside childcare. We do realize this will require much better time management skills then we are currently employing. We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength!

But don’t worry, I’m not too nice to address the situation…..



So last night at work I look out the window and notice that it is snowing a lot! In May…when it had been sunny and beautiful…

We manage to accumulate more the 3 inches and woke up to a winter wonder land this morning (insert growling here). Not so much what I had in mind the weekend I planned to till and plant my garden….. God does have a twisted sense of humor.

They did what?!?!?

How in the freaking world can Barack with the white mama Obama win the F*ing noble peace prize. What a freaking joke! He hasn’t done a damn thing useful since taking office….and to group him in the same category as Mother Theresa, Aung San Suu Kyi, Eli Wiesel, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr???? People who actually took a risk to make change. They risked their lives and they didn’t have no secret service Gestapo police to protect their every move.

Although other undeserving and ridiculous winners include Al Freaking Retarded Gore, The United Nations, Mikhail Gorbachev, Yasser Arafat and again the ridiculous United Nations (High Commissioner for Refugees).

Speaking of Al Freaking Retarded Gore….he won for his “Save the Environment” gig (Aka The Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change) for which I feel fairly certain he is merely their public puppet ‘celebrity spokesperson’ since it is impossible he is intelligent enough to contribute anything useful to society. Well…unless you count the internet for which we should all be eternally grateful.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t think that Obama won’t ever do anything useful but he hasn’t yet. Then you couple that with the fact that the nominations started when he had only been in the White House 2 weeks. Heck, he hadn’t had time to unpack his boxes and hang new curtains let along make sweeping improvements to humanity.

I should also point out that I LOVE the fact that we finally have some racial variety in the White House however mama rhymes with Obama and his mama was white. Celebrate diversity!

So, let’s hope this encourages him to live up to the honor it is supposed to bestow. He did have the common sense to at lease be “Surprised and Humbled” according to the media.

Fiercely Guarding my Bridge

I hate being grumpy….but I am horribly irritable today. I feel like a troll.

I will air my grievances and move on…I am so behind showing you all the tings I’ve made recently…

It is snowing again this morning and it is coming down pretty hard. I am starting to feel Spring will never arrive. The hopefuly feeling I had while anxiously awaiting natures rebirth is gone. Now I am just cranky. And my back hurts, I have 50 million things to do before the revival, and today’s potluck at Church was Jewish themed and I was so excited….but I have been cooking so much the last week in order to prepare for the revival that I can no longer stand to be in my freakin’ kitchen. I thawed taco meat loaf….Oh so kosher….

And I have a small blog vent…you people never post comments…(well, not all of you) I know you are reading….my stats say I am moderately popular…


Never mind…I am going to church and then work…sucks to be me today.

Tragedy at McKissick Manor…

We’ve had a death in the family…..

actually 2 and we are simply distraught….

Zebra Finch by marj k

We lost two of our beloved zebra finches….the twins Molly and Michelle. We almost lost Gimpy but she appears to have made a miraculous recovery. They were fine the day before but whatever bird pandemic they contracted appears to have hit hard and viciously. It was extremely sad to watch them suffer in the clutches of this cruel disease.

We held a simple memorial service above the kitchen garbage can before they were unceremoniously “buried”. We would have buried them outside but the ground is frozen solid under 3 feet of snow. Emily suggested we store the bodies in our freezer until spring but we couldn’t wrap our heads around little dead pets in the freezer.

We will spend the rest of the weekend in mourning…..

Michael has already asked if we can replace them with parakeets.

Dear Mr. Basting Spray,

You may feel free to come out of hiding now since I finally broke down and purchased you a friend. I am sure you must have has a good reason for hiding and you picked a very good spot since I organized the entire sewing room and still can not find you. So even though you were brand new I purchased another one. So feel free to show up anytime.

Kind Regards,