My relaxing weekend itinerary

Will I wish it was just another weekend in paradise:

Relaxing on the beach by virtualphotographystudio

My reality is more along the lines of:

Wisconsin Winter 05 by pacific_pete


I know,I know  you are so envious right?

Anyhow so back to my plans for my relaxing weekend….well I meant to be relaxing


I am working until 5pm then I will be helping my coworker Julie B move some furniture into her new apartment.

After that I will be cutting and coloring Miss Emily’s hair. There will be no chickening out.


I will not be getting up at 5:45 am….

But in the morning I will finish hanging the art work in my living room and cleaning the kitchen in preperation for my weekend bake-a-thon. I am hold a bake sale next week at work to raise money for Babber’s Mama’s llamas…ok its really for her cow and horses since their barn burned down. I also hope to squeeze in some sewing since I would love to finish my curtains for my living room.

I also have to cook for Potluck on Sunday. Our theme is Italian.

Then in the evening it will be off to Ladie’s Night out at the home of one of our older women. I will take some knitting along hoping to make some progress on a hat that has been on my needles forever.


After Church we will have potluck. Usually after potluck it is nap time but this Sunday Margaret, Betsy, Michele and Becca will be coming over to sew until 6. I want to cut out the quilt for my guest room. I also need to make a lap quilt for my uncle who was just diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

 I have to work from 6-10 for my sister. (She needs off to go ice fishing…yuck)

I am also off on Monday which I hope to spend baking, sewing and chilling out. But I also have an epic laundry situation on my hands and need to sort some clothes for donation.

My goal is to show you finished pictures of my living room on Monday. I also need to reveal the new sewing space for those who have not seen it yet. I should probably take pictures before I spend the weekend messing it up….


I meant to spend the weekend relaxing and creating but life sort of got in the way.

What are your plans?



Only a couple more days to enter my blog giveaway.


Opinions please…

So we will be having extended company in May so one of my bigger priorities is to make our guest room look fabulous. My goal for this room is modern, elegant and relaxing. I also have to be careful not to make it too “girly” since not all of our guests are female. That was Michael’s 2 cents on the matter.

Michael has agreed to pain the room a lovely milk chocolate brown. I am thinking of using these fabric to decorate with:

Joel Dewberry Almond Aviary Sparrow and Chocolate Sunburst Half Yard Fabric Bundle


Joel Dewberry Aviary Sunburst in Dark Green, full yard ON SALE THROUGH END OF JAN


Joel Dewberry Rose in Orange 1 yd.


Fat Quarter Set - Four Joel Dewberry Aviary Prints

And I was thinking of using one of these patterns to make the quilt





I do crop


Which one? Please vote


I am actually thinking of making 2 quilts for the room. One for the bed and one on an old quilt rack at the foot of the bed. My reasoning for this is because a lot of  our guests are from down south and we know what this Wisconsin winter can do to a tender southern soul. But I would want one of the quilts to be a more traditional quilt.

I picked these fabric because I love then but also because they currently reside in my stash so it will not require me breaking my fabric fast. Also I am trying to make this as low budget as possible since we are saving for our trip and for a farm. I am kind of making a little game out of it “How cheap can you be” just kidding. But you get the point.

I am also going to make new window treatments and wall art. And hopefully I can find a fun old light fixture at a thrift shop or antiques store.

My goal is to have the room completely finished by March 1st so cross your fingers.

The Simple Art of Domesticity

Or the pleasant joys of homemaking. Whatever works for you. No, I am not referring to housework with fondness. I do not enjoy scrubbing floors, toilets or dishes. Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping are for the birds…well actually at McKissick Manor we have to do those things more often because of the birds but I digress. I am talking about homemaking. The effort and love we pour into making our house a pleasant, relaxing and beautiful home. A refuge from the chaos of the world a retreat where you can center yourself and connect with your family. A space that bring you joy and truly reflects who you are.


I have been contemplating these things recently and I find that as I grow older it has gained importance in my life. Things such as baking,cooking, hostessing, creating art, decorating and keeping the health department from condemning it. I am striving to have a more home centered life. So I am going to post my goals and desires for each room sort of as a to do list and to track my accomplishments.


What are you doing to make your house a home?


Leave a comment and I will randomly pick a winner and send them a prize to help make their home cozy.

Elevens years together

in Holy Matrimony. I can’t believe we have been married that long. I should post something romantic and mushy about how happy we have been but frankly it hasn’t always been a bed of roses. Making a marriage work is HARD. Couple that with moving to the ghetto, him getting paralyzed, having a heart attack, losing the job we moved to the ghetto for, living in a rent by the week hotel for 8 months, moving to the arctic tundra, getting diabetes, and dealing with low life parasites constant joy and happiness would be a stretch. However I will let you know that there is noone in this entire world that I would rather endure the obstacles life throws at us with. He is the love of my life and makes me laugh everyday.


Oh yeah and I made this last night


What I did on my Stay-cation Chapter 2

I needed different decor and art for my living room and I removed any item we could possible pile stuff on hoping to deter the clutter. It was making me insane. So we re arranged the furniture, moved things to other rooms and starting creating new art work. I have several things in the “finishing up process” (No smart a$$ remarks please Christin) But here is a project I finished.

We resuced this old bench some time ago and I decided it needed a new lease on life. I am a magnet for things destined for the dump.


and I turned it into this


Michael wanted to paint the wood but I think it gives it character and pays homage to it’s roots as early attic/pre garage sale rubbish. That and I don’t really like things to look all shiny and new. I prefer things with quirks.


I also decided to make some new drapes for the picture window but no pics yet as I am not quite finished. Actually I was trying to finish them up in a hurry after mid-night one nigh which has resulted in me needed to seem rip a ton of serged seams. Which stinks. I will pick the seam while we watch our netflix this weekend and hopefully install them and post pictures early next week.

What I did on my Stay-cation…Chapter 1

For those who did not know I took a week off to stay home and chill….and apparently redecorate. The urge to put plastic grocery bags on the heads of my coworkers was getting too strong.

A great deal was accomplished….and more still needs to be finished. And since I know that all you in blog land are so visual I borrowed a digital camera from my sister so I can show you what I did.

First off….guess what I finished?!?


My sister’s Christmas quilt. Good thing we haven’t had a chance to exchange gifts yet. She was this close to getting a stack of fat quarters and an I.O.U.


Michael is modeling the new quilt.

I also decided I was so sick of looking at the clutter and I tackled it head on. First victim was my living room.

Pete finally came and put the trim up around our new front door. I use the term new very loosely since he installed the door a year and a half ago.

That seem to inspire Micahel to get his paint on. Well that and I bought him an electric sander for around the house. Here is how that went down.

I said “Maybe now you can retouch the living room paint and we can finally be done with this room”

Michael: ” I think I am going to repaint the whole orange wall”

Me: “ok, whatever, let’s go to Lowe’s”

: “No, let’s go to Franks, they are nicer, more helpful and aren’t we still trying to always support local business?”

Me: “yes, but we got the paint that is currently on the wall at Lowe’s”

Michael: ” Let’s go to Franks anyway, I’m sure they can match it.”

Me: “Well, I guess, I should call first.”

Michael: “Why? Let’s go, I started the van”

I did call while he was in the bathroom just to make sure they at least carry the same brand.

So off to Frank’s Hardware we go. As we alk in everyone is greeting Michael like they know him which I found a bit odd but I went with it. They are super friendly and helpful at Frank’s. So we are walking around and I said “hey, let’s ask where the paint is” to which Michael responded “Oh, its up front, but I want this guy to help us since he is the nicest” Said guy greeted Michael by his name….which wouldn’t be that strange since we live in a small town and we live directly behind Frank’s except I have the world’s most unhandy husband. Apparently he likes to go visit with the guys at the hardware store and he is picking up some skills.

So while I waited for the paint fellow Richard to mix our paint Michael wandered around and said he needed to pick up a “few” things. It was taking Richard forever to mix the paint b/c he was unable to get the right shade so Michael said he wanted to pick a different color since he was painting the whole wall anyway. I said I wanted the wall to still be orange and he said ok. I should have been more concerned since Michael has never shown any interest or ever cared how I decorate the house. Apparently he cares now….

The first color he chose was called Jack o Lantern which I promptly vetoed. I love orange more then most people however that was a bit more then I could endure. The color we got was called Arizona Sunset but it should have been called Blaze Orange



Vetoing it was not an option since Michael informed me and Richard I was stifling his creativity. We couldn’t  have that.







We went to check out after the paint was mixed and Michael had squirreled away a pretty large pile of items we “had to have” to be good and responsible home owners. The sander was one of them. I went to the hardware store thinking we would spend about $30.00 bucks and walked out over $100 bucks lighter….but my husband was happy as a clam and grinning like the chestier cat.

Stay tuned for chapter 2