I am a lucky (and spoiled) Girl!!!!

Well, I have returned home from vacation. I had a lovely time thank you very much. However I am very tired. For those of you who do not know my mother in law had knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago and it is just her and me as far as holiday chefs go. Well this year it was just me…with her trying to help but mostly stressing and exhausting herself. She does reward well for slave labor though and I made out real good!

Look what Santa brought me… well actually my mother in law and Michael

Brother 1034D 3/4 Lay-In Thread Serger

I have been wanting a serger for awhile. And now my sewing studio is complete and I am very content.

For the slave labor I received these as payment

Navy Converse - New by irisheyz_5

New Navy chucks. My old navy chucks were really ratty since I’ve had them since 7th grade….I have these in a lot of colors…I am weird like that.

And to break up our long road trip DH let me stop to stretch my legs at Hancock of Paducah (Aka the most amazing fabric shop in the world)

I scored some yardage of the AH Tillbrook collection. Isn’t it magical?

Sprites of Tillbrook by *Vintage Fairytale*

"Tillbrook" Alexander Henry by *Vintage Fairytale*

Its a collection of fabrics featuring Sprites. So sweet. I can not wait to make a frilly frock out of this.

Then on Saturday I had an awesome mail day!!!!  woo hoo I received a couple of great packages in the mail. I love ordering from coops since but the time the items arrive I sometimes forgot what I ordered.

In my box I had a few more yards of these fun Ooga Booga prints.

Ooga Booga by Kaidensmom


I also got some fun new patterns:

Oliver and S Bubble Dress Pattern 3mo - 24mo

Oliver and S Swingset Tunic And Skirt Pattern 3mo - 24mo

I also receive the New Conceptions Baby Essentials pattern and The Olivia and The Feliz patterns by Farbenmix. I have loved the other Farbenmix patterns I have made (Anna, Cara and Vida)

So I have lots to keep my creative soul busy the next few weeks and I am super stokes. I actually took some vacation days in January to have a “stay-cation”  a vacation where I stay in the sewing studio and create….and perhaps make a few day trips downstairs to the art studio for some college and painting.


These Northern Nights are Dreary

And my southern heart grows weary….

This line from an old Dolly Pardon song never fails to make me home sick.

We arrived safe and sound in Tennessee and are so happy to be here…I might not come back.

Here are a few things I really miss about being in the south….

1. I can order iced tea and I know it will come sweet (like it should)

2. No one teases me about the way I talk and I can “fixing” to be doing anything I want and no one giggles

3. “Come on in out of that cold and sit a spell” is what will greet you at every door you knock on…even at church….Of course in the summer its “Come on in out of that heat”…..P.S the weather is quite mild and I am not cold at all…I guess Wisconsin is thickening up my blood after all.

4. Everyone is polite and I have had the loveliest conversations with people in the grocery stores. Why, it feels like I am running into old friends and I have never met them before. It also makes grocery shopping take 4xs as long as it normally does….Did I mention my mother in law makes me go every day? I went 3x yesterday alone.

5. Chick-fil-A, Captain D’s and O’Charley’s…restaurants I formally took for granted until I couldn’t eat there whenever I wanted to. Yum

6. Wal-mart and other shops play christian music on the overhead sound system.

7. All the places and things I grew up with since I was 15. And we have several good malls…

There are more which I will share later…but there are also some negative things which I forgot about….

Things I do NOT miss….

1. For the first time in a really long time I heard someone use the N word. This made me very sad and angry. It also cause an aggressive reaction in Michael who wanted to punch the dude. I didn’t think it would be a wise idea of my little book nerd husband to attempt to take on a couple good ole boys in a waffle house at the being of hunting season. I don’t think he has actually ever punched someone.

And they were referring to another person in a derogatory way (as oppose to those who use it in reference to themselves and their friends which isn’t a great practice either)

2. Poor oral hygiene…..I have seen an increase of people with no teeth this trip…This is actually one of my biggest fears since I come from a rather toothless redneck family.

3. Did I mention my mother in law makes me go to the grocery store multiple times a day?

Grocery store visits: 4 and counting (P.S. we arrived on Saturday)

Just when you thought you were not a stereotype….

A sight like this comes along and proves you wrong.

In a hilarious and slightly convicting….

Ok…its confession time. Which ones apply to you?

I laughted my butt off until I was like “oh crap, that is totally me”……then it wasn’t quite as funny.



It was incredibly funny when I was “OMG this is totally Barbara”

Anxiously Awaiting….

2pm tomorrow

when I get off work we will be leaving for Tennessee for a much needed vacation! I am very excited although I know it won’t really be all that relaxing since my mother in law just had he knee replaced and I will be cooking Thanksgiving for our whole family solo this year…but I miss my in laws and can’t wait to be “home”.

Also my mother in law spoils me. That would be the advantage of being the daughter in law who is not a stripper…..and who put her baby through preaching school thus fulfilling her motherhood dream of having one of her boys become a preacher. It works for me! I ain’t got no mama…..

Speaking of my MIL she was so stressed about having her knee replaced so close to Thanksgiving since that is the major holiday in our family (we actually celebrate Christmas on Black Friday since everyone is travels). The ironic thing is that ever since I joined the family 11 no 12 (yikes!) years ago she has slowly but surely making less of the meal. All she has left is the dressing but since I can make it in my sleep with no recipe she should just relax….however she is in denial about the amount of cooking she does for the Thanksgiving meal….

The first year when Michael and I were dating I offered to make the pies. Since I was so young (17) and she is slightly controlling about traditions she agreed but made backups just in case….My pies were a hit…

The first year we were married MIL and I did the cooking together. I ended up with all the pies and the potatoes.

Each year a I took over more and more responsibility. Fast forward to two years ago when we were discussing the Turkeys (we make two, one for sandwiches) I was making a suggestion since I had made a turkey for a dinner party recently and it was really good. MIL is stickler for tradition and did not want to change the way she did the turkey. At this point all she was making was the Turkey (I carved),dressing and Yams ( I refused to cover them in marsh mellows). Michael waltzes in and say “Crystal made the most amazing turkey the other day, it was incredible” and that is how I became in charge of the turkey. So why she is stressing so much is beyond me. I have tried to reassure her it would be fine. But I am certain she will want to reward my good and faithful service. And she will treat me to chick-fil-a….woo hoo

Dear Mr. Basting Spray,

You may feel free to come out of hiding now since I finally broke down and purchased you a friend. I am sure you must have has a good reason for hiding and you picked a very good spot since I organized the entire sewing room and still can not find you. So even though you were brand new I purchased another one. So feel free to show up anytime.

Kind Regards,


I want a farm

and on my farm I want some

Killer Sheep by ~esoteric~


Poppies and Sheep by Victor Keech


dugal of the sheep world by nature adrift

and a couple of these

Kashmir goat. by Dalesman47


Feral Kashmir goat  by edwina bullock

and a few of this guy

Donkey Foal by pjeastboldre


Donkey sanctuary by roseinthedark


Alpacas, Co. Clare, Ireland by Madra Rua ♪♫ www.haukesteinberg.com


Happy Alpaca Dance by Walnut Creek Alpacas

and some

Who called me chicken? by mselderhuis


chicken porn by Ilja


and I want to have a huge Garden, I want to have a dye garden also. So I will dye my own wool and spin it too…and my life will be beautiful, simple and fulfilled.

and I will take him too…since he is also precious

100_0714.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys


If you can’t tell I am sick of going to my corporate job. I am tired of always being on the run. And I am sick of being disconnected from the earth. I want peace and self-sustainability….

Date night with Michael…

So Thursday was a wet and dreary day in Wisconsin. I won’t complain too much since it was raining and NOT snowing….Oh how I am dreading the snow….cold, wet feet, soggy, stained pant legs, and slippery, treacherous ice. However Thursday was a great day for napping, sewing and going to the movies. Which as it turns out is exactly what we did.

On Wednesday night at Bible study someone mentioned the movie Fireproof. This is a Christian based movie about marriage. Most other Christians have heard of this movie especially since it has been selling out in places however we live under a rock (and do not watch much TV or listen to the radio) so we were clueless. As soon as Michael found out Kirk Cameron was in it he started begging to go. Michael is a huge fan of the Way of the Master ministries which Kirk is a part of. So after a day of napping, sewing and general putzing around with a little laundry thrown in for good measure we headed out to Wausau to see the movie. Actually before we drove to Wausau we had to stop at the local hobby shop to get a coal mine for someones model railroad. I won’t complain since it will keep him happy and busy….too busy to play with Bernie which is something he thinks he wants to do. Ok, back to the subject at hand….

This movie was phenomenal. Simply amazing. It gave me so much joy to see a wholesome Christ-center movie on the big screen as opposed to straight to DVD which is usually the lot of Christian movies. I highly recommend any married person or person considering getting married go see this movie. It is based around a couple on the brink of divorce and the change in thoughts and actions they go through and the decisions they make. I won’t spoil the rest but please go see it. Even if you aren’t Christian it will be beneficial. I promise. Michael and I had a great discussion regarding our marriage on the way home from the movie. I guess that is the one benefit to having to drive 45 minutes to the theater.

Also check out this site



There is also a home study that goes along with this movie. We are going to host the study in our home starting in January. If you want to come please do…I will make cookies.