What Sami did on this Thanksgiving Vacation

He had lunch with “Grandma”

94360034.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

94360033.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

He visited the “exotic Tennessee baths”

94360061.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

He made new friends

94360063.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

94360009.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

And he did the ONE thing he was NOT supposed to do!

94360065.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

94360066.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

Trust me..This is not her happy face. This is the “I’m gonna get you” face.


Non stop Tuesday

I got up early today to head down to Textile Fabrics in Nashville (off Wedgewood). They have an amazing selection and lots of super fun stuff but they are ridiculously over priced. Seriously…they have free spirit fabrics marked for $12.98 a yard. Michael wanted some linen and I found a gorgeous one but was not coughing up $50 a yard (especially when I needed 3 yards) I did pick up some more cherry buttons and a yard of Japanese linen with the three little pigs on it for $22.98 a yard. Good thing my mother in law was paying.

Then I drove up to Springfield (which is a haul) to meet my grandmother for lunch. It was less unpleasant then it usually is and I shall leave it at that.

I ran to the bank and grocery store for my mother in law and came home and started dinner (after a 30 minute nap)

After dinner I went BACK to the grocery store with my mother in law for the rest of the Thanksgiving stuff. She seriously goes to Kroger every single day. It is sort of making me crazy.

We played Dominos this evening and started some Thanksgiving prep work. Tomorrow starts our serious cooking and baking.

I also hope to meet up with a friend and hit up the mega Joann’s with Michael…who still wants linen


For someone on vacation I sure am busy!

It’s the fun kind of busy but I may need a spa day to recoup from my vacation!

Today we went to Church with our family. Then out to lunch at Demo’s with church friends and family. We squeezed in a little shopping before heading to Springfield to my dear friend Diana’s for dinner. We had a great time and it was so fun catching up. Her husband Jonathan makes a mean lasagna.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be another day full of fun!


P.S. I totally boycotted the grocery store today.


Dear Sami

While I think it is very cute you like to “help” with the laundry I don’t need you to taste test the laundry detergent. It is not necessary at all and I promise it does not taste good. So next time you bite me for not letting you drink the soap I am going to stink you IN the washer and shut the lid. Just so you know.

Love, Mommy (Not girlfriend)

Yes, we do have to take the parrot with us on vacation. We can’t find a bird sitter for him (we have sitters for the other birds) because apparently he misses his mommy (not girlfriend) so much he is obnoxious and surly (screaming and biting). He has gotten much better behavior wise since we inherited him. He doesn’t bite as hard or as  often and it HAS been awhile since he crapped in Emily’s hair (he use to love to do this, just for spite). But now he is much more vocal……He wants his opinion heard and he feels he should be the center of attention. It is also his opinion that no one should touch me except for him and if someone does touch me (such as my husband) then obviously they wanted to get attacked by my guard parrot. We are working on this particular personality defect trait.


I did have a nice long heart to heart with him as to why Grandma’s (Michael’s mom) bouffant hair do is OFF LIMITS….I know it looks cosy and curious but I think he understands that he is not to land in it and make it his nest. She would cook him up wrapped in bacon in a red hot minute should he pull that stunt.

Impossibility Update

Mom and Dad’s quilt? Done (see post below)

Matching Pillow cases? Done

Gingerbread men? Will be stuffed with stuffing while I am at work today and finished before the Play

Pot Holders? Mostly done but will be making a roadtrip unfinished. I will bind them in TN.

Both quilts and half the other gifts are wrapped. I will finish the last few things tomorrow morning.

Kitchen gadgets are collected. Laundry is caught up. Hair will be undone as I couldn’t fit it in.

I was so excited to be leaving that I woke up at 4:30 this am to get some last minute things done.

I do have to work on our road trip play list since I am pretty certain my husband will not let me listen to the Wicked soundtrack for 14 hours straight. (But I totally could) And I refuse to listed to Elvis or Jerry Garcia for 14 hours straight (But he totally could)

Holy Guacamole Pablo Picasso!!!!

We leave Friday for vacation and I have a metric ton of things to finish/get done. To make it even more fun I won’t have a day off until Friday. Ahhh well, In the words of the great Mr. Magorium ‘Your life is an occasion, Rise to it!’

I am ready for a challenge and a whirl wind week. I can do this….right? You believe me, don’t you?

Things left to accomplish:

Stitch the binding down on a quilt (a very, very large and important quilt)

Whip up 2 coordinating pillow cases

Finish quilted pot holders

Gingerbread men ornaments

Extra curricular activities this week (which have the potential to make the above list humanly impossible but hey, I am super woman…or crazy)

Tuesday night knitting group with my Ravelry homies…in Wausau (45 minutes away)

Wednesday night bible study

Thursday night date with Christin and Emily to see RENT…wooo hooo.


That leaves Monday night free right? Well, I sort of work until 10pm mmmmm. I can accomplish this. I will accomplish this. I need Mountain Dew.


When will I finish my list? Pack? Gather kitchen Utensils I must haul with me to Tennessee ? Cancel Dentist appointment? Get hair done?


I can’t wait to get to Tennessee and relax. I suspect I will need it. I am also super excited to visit family and friends.

P.S. My social calendar is filling fast so if you want to see me let me know soon or you might miss your window of opportunity.  That or your allotted time will be result in you accompanying me on one of the many grocery store trips my mother in law is certain to send me on!