The Simple Art of Domesticity

Or the pleasant joys of homemaking. Whatever works for you. No, I am not referring to housework with fondness. I do not enjoy scrubbing floors, toilets or dishes. Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping are for the birds…well actually at McKissick Manor we have to do those things more often because of the birds but I digress. I am talking about homemaking. The effort and love we pour into making our house a pleasant, relaxing and beautiful home. A refuge from the chaos of the world a retreat where you can center yourself and connect with your family. A space that bring you joy and truly reflects who you are.


I have been contemplating these things recently and I find that as I grow older it has gained importance in my life. Things such as baking,cooking, hostessing, creating art, decorating and keeping the health department from condemning it. I am striving to have a more home centered life. So I am going to post my goals and desires for each room sort of as a to do list and to track my accomplishments.


What are you doing to make your house a home?


Leave a comment and I will randomly pick a winner and send them a prize to help make their home cozy.


2 thoughts on “The Simple Art of Domesticity

  1. Candles, cushions, cats and cuddles are things that make my house a home.
    I blogged on this very subject a while back and the most important thing seemed to be laughter. I enjoyed reading your blog today 🙂

  2. With all the kids gone, it does have a tendency sometimes not to feel as homey as it used to. But with 5 cats and 2 dogs, they help with the homey atmosphere hubby and I love. They are very loving, cuddling animals that must be with their people constantly. Hubby and I tried for a year to combine his tv watching with my computer and sewing–but we found we either had to turn the TV up too loud or I was constantly running to another room to find this or that that I needed. We’ve ended up with a nice compromise of nice quiet dinners together–followed by him playing games on his computer while I sit in my sewing room at the computer, sewing machine or cutting table. One or the other will occassionaly get up and go “check” on the other–in actuality to see the other and get some hugs and kisses then we’re back to what we were doing before. We have been slowly getting things that fit our moods, likes and hobbies to put into each room so that it is more and more OURs instead of us and the kids. Love candles and pillows, anything that can be “loved on”–you know stuffed animals, especially the Disney variety–and I guess my new interest in quilting is another way that the two of us (as he is very involved in helping me with all of it) are making it more homey for us.
    BTW, you and I are in the same group in the rainbow quilt sampler swap–I’m the maroon to go with your red in group 4. I haven’t started on the maroon and white blocks yet. But when I do there’ll be pictures on my blog of the progress. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your red blocks.

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