I want a farm

and on my farm I want some

Killer Sheep by ~esoteric~


Poppies and Sheep by Victor Keech


dugal of the sheep world by nature adrift

and a couple of these

Kashmir goat. by Dalesman47


Feral Kashmir goat  by edwina bullock

and a few of this guy

Donkey Foal by pjeastboldre


Donkey sanctuary by roseinthedark


Alpacas, Co. Clare, Ireland by Madra Rua ♪♫ www.haukesteinberg.com


Happy Alpaca Dance by Walnut Creek Alpacas

and some

Who called me chicken? by mselderhuis


chicken porn by Ilja


and I want to have a huge Garden, I want to have a dye garden also. So I will dye my own wool and spin it too…and my life will be beautiful, simple and fulfilled.

and I will take him too…since he is also precious

100_0714.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys


If you can’t tell I am sick of going to my corporate job. I am tired of always being on the run. And I am sick of being disconnected from the earth. I want peace and self-sustainability….


3 thoughts on “I want a farm

  1. Me too man, me too. Eric and I fantasize about living “off the grid” all the time. About having animals and a garden and just living off our own land and teaching the kids good values and about hard work. About saving energy and driving less and not feeling like we need to do what we think we’re supposed to do. But we are not brave enough right now to take the risk……but we will do it one day!

  2. More power to ya. Sounds great, but I like my amenities. I would love to start to become more earth-friendly by starting my own fruit and veggie garden, tho. But I don’t want to take care of anymore animals at this point!

  3. I’d like to live in an energy effecient house with green design and be able to live in a city with great public transportaiton so that i can ditch my car someday.

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