What I did on my Stay-cation Chapter 2

I needed different decor and art for my living room and I removed any item we could possible pile stuff on hoping to deter the clutter. It was making me insane. So we re arranged the furniture, moved things to other rooms and starting creating new art work. I have several things in the “finishing up process” (No smart a$$ remarks please Christin) But here is a project I finished.

We resuced this old bench some time ago and I decided it needed a new lease on life. I am a magnet for things destined for the dump.


and I turned it into this


Michael wanted to paint the wood but I think it gives it character and pays homage to it’s roots as early attic/pre garage sale rubbish. That and I don’t really like things to look all shiny and new. I prefer things with quirks.


I also decided to make some new drapes for the picture window but no pics yet as I am not quite finished. Actually I was trying to finish them up in a hurry after mid-night one nigh which has resulted in me needed to seem rip a ton of serged seams. Which stinks. I will pick the seam while we watch our netflix this weekend and hopefully install them and post pictures early next week.


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