Today’s Goals…..

Do something other than lay on my couch!!!!!

Previously should I feel unmotivated and unenergetic I would simply drink copious amounts of Mt. Dew and/or coffee. Since that is now not an option I will have to use the power of positive thinking and self guilt to get motivated. Apparently playing host to parasitic body invader is exhausting….

 I did manage to go to breakfast with my (just a little taller) baby sister this morning. The call of pancakes was very strong. also bacon…..yum bacon…

I am now (well, I am supposed to be) sewing with Emily. She is cutting out a new project and I am eating cashews with Sami and putzing around.  I should really go and sew something….I do have projects cut out.


Poor Neglected Blog

Nothing exciting is really happening in these parts aside from the fact that we are FREEZING!

The other day I had a client ask me to hurry with his service as it was so cold outside…he was in Southern Georgia. I offered no pity and had to bite back a snarky remark.

Anyway, Emily and I cleaned up the sewing room so we will hopefully have new projects to show soon.

Oh yeah…It’s my birthday.