Sewing for me

I finished a long time UFO yesterday and it looks super awesome with my new boots. Perhaps I will wear it to the movies tomorrow. I will look super fly right?

This is a fun corduroy that has been curing in my stash for years.


Catching up

I have been a terrible blogger as of late. I have no excuse or explanation. I used to sometimes blog multiple times a day and now I’ve gone a whole month…again. Perhaps it is because I over share on facebook?

Moving on. I have been sewing. Lots actually. Here is a recap from the last month or so.

I actually made two of these. One for Reagan and one for Naomi (my BFF’s daughter)

Also made two of these but I have to stop doing that since Reagan gets all of Naomi’s hand me downs. It’s going to start looking like the poor girl never gets any new clothes.

This is a bad picture of a very adorable set of clothing. It is all mix and match. There are 2 long sleeve knit tops, a sleeveless ruffle top, brown corduroy pants, brown leggings and a patchy skirt. This was for Naomi’s brown month at preschool. I actually made 3 of the ruffle tops and 3 of the skirts for Reagan and another friend’s daughter. This is my favorite fabric collection and I used nearly every scrap.

Just a few of the wardrobe combos 🙂


I can’t remember if I showed you Reggie’s fall coat or not. I made 2 of these also.

I love the lining fabric (obviously…its a different colorway of the same fabric as the brown outfits)

The other one I made is cupcake inspired.

Thanks for looking and hopefully I will have some Christmas sewing to share soon.

I will leave you with a pic of the cutie. She is growing so fast.

Excuse her dirty, I just finished lunch face and her creepy baby. She loves that thing (does she look familiar Emily?)

Too cute to spook

I finished a little Halloween outfit and thought I would show you. Actually I made 4 of these (exactly alike).

I made the baby legwarmers out of knee high socks. Very clever way to keep legs warm but diaper changes easy. Plus tights don’t always fit great over fluffy cloth diapered bums.

Ignore the white serger thread. I was being lazy.

Now I have to quick make Reagan a new outfit for our trip to the pumpkin patch with our playgroup on Wednesday!


Whooo’s Cute

I made these cute little outfits for Reagan and Naomi (My best friend Margaret’s little girl).

Margaret and I both love owls so I am pretty sure she will like this. Plus I finally tried in the hoop applique and it is super easy and addicting. I big squishy heart love it.

Most of the skirt fabric was fat quarters the were gifted to me eons ago by Emily..that or I stole them from her, but I am pretty sure she gave them to me. I actually put real effort in to these skirts. I top stitched all the seams and everything. I self-drafted them based on a skirt we (as in Margaret and I) got in one of the first Sewingmamas swaps we did. Back when we entered as one person and Margaret did shared all the work.

Isn’t he cute? Did you see the adorable gnome tag? Love it!

I must confess I am very pleased with how these turned out. (although if you look really hard M, you will find sewing errors)

Happy Birthday Berklee

My little niece turns one in a few days and I had to hurry quick finish her dress and gift in hopes that it makes it there in time.

Her dress is a Miss Olivia Paige by the Handmade dress. I love Her patterns (you can probably tell). I used the blue colorway of this cupcake fabric for her sister’s birthday dress. Since Miss Berklee is a red head I thought the yellow would look adorable on her.

Back view

And a little rag doll. While her pigtails are indeed wonky, they aren’t quite this wonky..she was leaning on the orange pitcher. I made Reagan a black version of this baby doll in honor of our friend Zaria but Reagan made off with her before I could get pictures snapped and then….well, see, someone decided to take their diaper off one morning to check out what was stinking so much and….the baby doll is in the wash along with everything else that was in her bed.


Happy 1st Birthday Berklee girl!

Once upon a time

There lived a princess named Kennedy who was about to start the first grade at Princess school. Knowing all the other Princess-in-trainings would surely be donning their finest gowns on the first day, Princess Kennedy wondered what she should wear that would show all the other Princesses she was the fairest of all. Fortunately Princess Kennedy has a Fairy Godmother named Aunt Crys who knew the importance of arriving well dresses as to best reflect her Kingdom. Fairy Godmother Aunt Crys hurried off to her magical machine Bernie and they created this most appropriate princess gown.

This gorgeous fairy fabric had been sitting in Aunt Crys’ stash for many years waiting for just the perfect opportunity to shine.

By using the Amelia pattern by Olabelhe,Fairy Godmother was able to showcase the beautiful fairy princesses frolicking in their magic kingdom.

Pink crystals on the bodice and a matching hairbow will surly make Princess Kennedy stand out among the other princesses.

We can’t wait to see a picture of Princess Kennedy in her new gown! I hope she loves it as much as I do.

Feeling ambitious

Or possibly just very brave…or crazy

Fabric? How is fabric making you feel ambitious/brave/crazy? Aren’t you addicted to fabirc?

You see while I have shown you pictures of my fabric lovelies before…never has any of the fabric been to make myself clothes. What am I thinking? I have never had the desire to make myself clothes and before now there was never a need. Someone people might refer to me as a clothes horse. However I lead a different life style now and no longer need a closet full of dress up clothes and instead need things that would look cool and funky on a stay at home mom. Yes, I know that my taste ranges somewhere between 70’s chic and little old lady. What can I say? I am odd 🙂

I plan on using a couple of the Sis Boom patterns from Carla C (you can find them at I am hoping for the best. I know that it probably won’t turn out like the vision in my head since my self imagine may be slightly distorted. You see, the Crys in my head is around 5’10, shaped like Xena the Warrior Princess and has a long willowy neck….in reality…Not.So.Much. The mirror keeps informing me that I am only 5 feet tall on a good day and shaped much more like Sponge Bob than Xena. I should replace that mirror.

P.S. I have my heart set on making a flowy maxi dress. Which I know is a mistake (see self imagine distortion noted above). You should start trying to talk me out of that now…