is golden when all you have to say is complaints.

Sorry I have been away. I haven’t done anything worth sharing in the last few months except sit on my couch and whine. But I am better now and so now I should get back into the swing of things 🙂

Seriously, I haven’t even sewn much of anything. Yikes…I need to get to crackin’ or this babe is going to be naked.

We call him/her Lentil which sounds much better the “it”. We should find out Lentil’s flavor in a couple of weeks. He/She is due to make their first appearance at the end of August or beginning of Sept. We know how punctual first babies are…let’s all hold our breath.

We did get a baby doll to “pretend” to help Sami get adjusted….we shall see how that goes. He is the world’s most spoiled parrot. He is currently sitting in my pony tail sticking his feathers in my hair to “decorate” me. Perfect timing since I am due back at work in 20 minutes.

I went to the used book store in town today since it was simply too gorgeous of a day to stay in. Guess what I bought?

3 Ramona books! Ramona Quimby!

Those wonderful books from the second grade written by the wonderful and genius Beverly Cleary!

Winter is so long here in central Wisconsin but we have been sent a gift from God and have been enjoying unseasonably warm weather. The snow is melting and the sun feels exquisite on your skin. I am…Thankful.

 There..I broke the silence.