Things to do, Things to do

Actually I have been bored off my rocker lately since I have no energy and Michael has asked that I not go downstairs to sew when he is not home. Those of you who know me know that even if I were one to watch TV (which I am not) that is also in the basement.

But I do have things I need to do….so I shall do them

Monday: I need to figure out how to use the Ipod so I can have music while I am in labor. If my poor daughter can’t be born in the south the least I can do is make sure we have Johnny Cash playing when she does decide to make her appearance. Which I seriously hope is any day now.

Tuesday: Due to the continued flooding in my basement I have decided to move the sewing room back upstairs. The flooding has thus far only terrorized one area but since we can not figure out why or how to stop it I have decided to not take any chances. Plus I am thinking it will be better in the long run for me to be able to sew while Lentil naps and such as opposed to us always going down stairs. The full move will not take place until after my mother in law leaves since we will need that room as a guest room while she is here. But I can get started on a small area so I can at least work on little projects to pass the time.

Wed: Perhaps Lentil will be born?


One thought on “Things to do, Things to do

  1. Hi Crys. I think putting your sewing room upstairs is a great idea. You need to be close to the baby and you need to sew for her!!
    I can’t believe you are so close to having your little one. I am praying that you will deliver safely and healthily and that you will rest and enjoy your precious gift. I can’t wait to see pictures of you holding your long awaited new little darling.

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