Bonne Année

Happiest New Years Wishes to you and your family!

42-16916483 by epifaniojx


I love to make New Years Resolutions. I like to have goals and things to work towards. It give me the sense of living life to the fullest. I am actually fairly good at keeping my resolutions (except the diet one…but no one is good at that).

As I progress further into my twenties I am struck with this fear of wasting valuable time and not living up to my potential. I suspect this is the same reason that people make une bonne résolution de nouvel an. (New Years Resolutions).

I have the unfortunate luck of having my birthday very close to New Years so this feeling of slacking off can get really strong. So I am excited to announce this years résolutions.

My goal is to eat more of these

beautiful spring salad by unrestful


Beautiful salad + baguette by tree_climber


Whole grains, beans and veggies by KRob2005


and fewer of these

mini pasteries by fwickafwee


JP Pasteries 3 by tsaiware


I would like to also like to get more disciplined about exploring different forms of art and artists. I would like to have more structured times for creating. So I will schedule 12-15 hours each week for sewing, knitting, painting, photography and collage.

My other goal is to work on my french. I have take a great deal of french courses during my school days and remember surprisingly little. My goal is to be fluent before we leave for Europe in December. Then next year I can master another language.


I have more goals buts since I blog whilst at work and today is so freakin’ busy I will save them for another time. But I would love your hear about your goals, dreams and résolutions!


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