Evolution of a Sewing Studio

In my efforts to clean, organize and declutter so that I have a more peaceful simpler life I concentrated my efforts on m sewing space. It really needed some attention especially since the Lusty Ladies come over on Tuesdays to sew. This room was a wreck!

When I first started reallying getting into sewing I carved a little space out in Michael’s home office. He didn’t really want to share the space but since he has his real office NEXT DOOR I didn’t really care, he can share. I have an art studio downstairs but I wanted a separate space for sewing upstairs. I am spoiled I know. This what my first humble little space looked like…


And my “stash” in the beginning…..
more fabric
Then I decided I needed more space since I acquired more stuff like to sew with friends. So one weekend we moved Michael’s junk home office down stairs and my sewing room into the guest room. We¬†turned the small room that had housed my sewing stuff and Michael’s junkhome office into the guest room. It made more sense that way. We don’t have people sleep over all that much so the smallest room would be fine for guests and I sew all the time (and have a lot of stuff) so the other room would work better since it has way more space. This is what happened….. (yes, I am properly embarrassed to be showing my pig sty over the internet, I hope my aunt never sees this)
Junk piled everywhere! The space was barely usable…. so I spent this weekend doing this…
Made a rack for my favorite fabrics…. My Heather Ross, Sandi Henderson, Heather Bailey, Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry are now stacked according to designer.
My Ottobres (Eurpoean pattern magaizes for my non sewing friends) and other Eurpoean patterns are in the leather box on top. The other container has finished crocheted fruit.
The bookshelf houses my knit fabrics and fat quarter sets in the boxes. I LOVE that fushia vase. I drove from Detroit to WI with it in my front seat wrapped in bubble wrap and comforters. Thread is stored on top of the white shelf (obviously) and inside that white pantry thing is batting, denim, twill, fleece and other misc fabric. I once foolishly said I wouldn’t ever have more fabric then could fit in the white pantry…..I was such a novice.
Bernie is on her table (that I found at a thrift store. I thought it would be perfect for Michael’s Hamm radio stuff but he wasn’t using it so I stole it back)
I got that oak cabinet from Brenda who wasn’t going to use it in her new apartment (Thanks Sugar!) It has lots of room and fit that corner well.
I even organized inside it! Sewing notions, Embroidery modual, Camera equipement and patterns….in that order. On the antique vanity bench is my yarn stash…. I am still looking for a better option (prettier) option to store this. Especially since I will be bring back the vanity that goes with that bench from Tennessee after Thanksgiving. It was in Michael’s grandma’s bedroom when she was a girl. Michael’s mother also used it when she was a teenager. I love the history and can’t wait to pass it down to my daughter.
I have always felt so guilty piling so much junk on top of this cabinet. Most people do not realize that there is a treasure inside. One I should be using.
Suzette my Singer 201. I literally came home and found her on my porch one day. She is gorgeous, is in great working condition and has all her parts! My manual is from 1934.
And my Ikea shelf that holds the rest of my fabric. My cutting mat lives on the top although I do my cutting in the kitchen on the counter since it is much better on my back.
Now that it is clean and organized Michael said he would consider painting. But I might recruite the Lusty ladies to paint. I am thinking an olive color but that could change. I am waiting on fabric to arrive to make matching curtains and have a couple paintings in process to make the space look awesome….. But for now I am happy it is at least useable and tidy!