My Mission Statement

This week at 7 habits training we were tasked with writing a mission statement for out lives. Kind of a road map and a set of values we hope to follow. I found this exercise to be both enlightening and helpful in providing me focus and direction. I am going to share it here.

I Choose to live compassionate;y and creatively.

I choose:

To put God first, others second and myself last.

To make my life a celebration of the talents and blessings I have been given.

To make my relationships edifying, beneficial and cherished. To make my marriage a priority.

To treat everything from people to the earth with compassion and respect.

To pursue my love of art, literature and music and to constantly seek knowledge.

To remove negative influences from trashy media to gossip and malignant people.

To put a more concentrated effort into helping others in need and spreading the gospel of Christ.

To have a simple and Christ centered home where people feel welcomed and loved.

To seek balance in all aspects of my life and to laugh a lot!


Do you have a life mission statement? Would you mind sharing it? If you haven’t made one I highly recommend it.


2 thoughts on “My Mission Statement

  1. I love all of it accept putting yourself last. Then your own goals will fall by the wayside. Personally, I would work on myself first, then you can worry about others.

  2. As someone who struggles a bit with being self centered I should probably keep it this way. The rest of my goals require a self less and compassionate individual.

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