So we moved our playgroup from Wednesday morning to Tuesday afternoons and this is soooo much better for me. On Wednesday mornings I was scrabbling to get everyone dressed and fed before playgroup. Now I am able to plan out fun activities and such plus now Keith and Heidi backdoor neighbors) can come. Double win!

This month’s theme is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Last week we played a sorting game I made with my new lamniator

Our craft last week was Plant pals. Of course I was lame and forgot to take pictures (I think)

This week we read the book again and then we made thumb print caterpillars and hand print butterflies. Thanks to my friend Helenanne’s tip clean up was a breeze! Oh you want to know the super awesome paint clean up trick? Dishsoap, yep, just mix a little in with the paint (won’t affect it a bit) and BAM…Mess Be Gone.

Here are too many pics just so you can see our fun!

Someone is very excited that her friends are coming over.

Trying to look innocent.

Sitting on our friend Jaydon

Let the fun begin!

Reagan waiting for me to finish picture taking so we can get messy!

Look what we made!

The Time Out step got a little busy at one point with a double occupation by wowsers, look at that brilliant mess!


Sewing for me

I finished a long time UFO yesterday and it looks super awesome with my new boots. Perhaps I will wear it to the movies tomorrow. I will look super fly right?

This is a fun corduroy that has been curing in my stash for years.

Play “Date”

Saturday Reagan’s little boyfriend Jaydon came over to play. It is so cute to watch these two interact together. They’ve been friends since we moved to Iowa when she was 4 months and he was 18 months old.

First we made salt dough (aka Homemade playdoh) which is super easy and extra messy!

Excuse my messy microwave. Clearly I need to make banana bread.

Then we made handprint keepsakes which I baked to harden. Do you know how hard it is to get a good handprint from a toddler? This is 3 decent out of 50 attempts…each. We will paint their name and date and give them to family members.

Up next is out painting project. This was fun…and a complete mess!

Exploring the table I set up. Oh, what’s this? Reagan had already pitched her egg carton on the floor.

The mess started developing rather quickly once we got started.

This is the completed activity. I must confess I was very surprised how focused and engaged in the project they were. We must have painted nearly an hour. Afterwards a bath was very much in order. I forgot to get a picture of Jaydon’s caterpillar finished but basically it was John Deere green and yellow which is fitting for a tractor loving 2 year old!

We finished with a bit of finger painting before our bath and snack.

My goodness, I love being the mama to a toddler!

I got this idea over at Pinterest. Are you addicted yet? I am.




Happy New Year and Birthday

Well Happy Birthday to me!

As I sit back and reflect on the year that just passed and make plans for the new year ahead I find myself praising God for His mercy and grace. I am blessed beyond what my human head can comprehend.

My goals for this coming year are rather simple. I wish to put God first. First in my thoughts, actions and intentions. I want to be open to Him so He can use me as a vessel to shine His light in this dark world and do His will.

I want to live and parent intentionally. What I mean is I don’t want to let life pass me by, or let life ‘happen to me’. I want to plan and act with purpose. I want to be an active planner and participator in my own life. I have several things on the agenda to make sure I live in this moment, here and now.

I want the rhythm of my home to be simple and creative. I will rejoice in the frugal, I will create with reckless abandon.

I will find light in the darkness and I will radiate happiness. I will let He who created all shine through me.

And I will blog more….