So Far

This is who I have playing…..tell me if I am missing someone. There is still time to commit

Amber: She would like girly blocks (Bright and girly. Think Pink and green)

Emily (Littlegirlgoddess): Black with one additional color

Christin (Static Monkey) Would like blues and greens (Hint: She loves the log cabin block)

Sara: cherry red, pale/light blue, and a bit of white (This makes me happy)

Jolene: Shades and tones of beige, navy, burgandy, deeper greens, mustard (Think Primitive)

Crys: Shades of Orange, Green and browns


Michelle (Dumpduck3) are you playing?



If you want to play (Or I forgot you) let me know in the comments


Need input

Let us finalize this so we can start it up in August.

I had an idea…

We make one block each month for each person. That way we don’t have too many many blocks to make but nobody has to wait for their month to roll around.

Since I know we all have scrap piles that need reducing each player will let us know what color scheme she is working with and size. This also will keep it interesting for those making the blocks since it is way more fun to make different blocks then multiples of the same one (in my opinion)

I would like this swap to be more personal and for us to get to know each other more over the course of the swap (are we think 6 months? a year? see how it goes?)

I will start a flick group for us all to post pics on and other stuff.

Anymore ideas? Please commit to the swap in the comments and let us know what colors, size and style you are hoping to get.

Email me your home address and I will make sure everyone knows where the blocks go each month privately.


I am super excited!

Virtual Quilting Bee

Thanks gals for playing! So far look like around 6 people are going to play but I will leave the sign ups open for another few days.


I now need to you voice you opion on what size block and what color you want to work with.


Did we what to change colors each month, stick with one color or select a color palette?


Please be patient with me as I haven’t organized anything like this before.

Anyone have an idea for a name for our little group?

Who Wants to play with me?

I am going to start a virtual quilting bee. 1. Because I am addicted to swapping and 2. I love making quilt blocks 3. It will be a great way to get to know some like minded people.


I have come up with 2 ways we can play this. Vote for the option you would prefer in the comments and majority rules.



Option 1


Ideally we would have 12 players and each player gets a month. For your month you let everyone know what color scheme/ theme you would like your blocks to involve and we each make and mail you 2 (this # is open for discussion) blocks. You pick the size. If you had certain fabrics you wanted to incorporate you can mail a scrap/fat quarter/whatever too each member and challenge us to incorporate it into our blocks. This step is an option but it would be interesting and help your finished project feel cohesive.



Option 2


You would make one block per player each month. So if we have 6 players you would make 6 blocks per month. If we have a lot of interest it might be hard to customize a block for each person each month but we could pick very broad themes.  OR if we could collectively decide upon a central them/color scheme that would make it easier. I am open to suggestions.



What do you think?


Who wants to play?

We’re back

And apparently there was no easing back into the swing of things! Work has been beyond swamped lately and it is so exhausting. My house needs to be cleaned, I have a ton of laundry and I might have bitten off more then I can chew with my commitments this week. This too shall pass


I can’t wait for the weekend to get some sewing done.