Sprinkling a few feathers

around my nest, just in time for Fall.

I have always wanted a fire place so I would have a mantle to decorate seasonally. I discovered the top of the piano also works brilliantly!

This would look so much better if I would get around to painting the walls the warm harvest gold I have im mind. Michael said I can’t paint them orange (meany) My favorite thing is the wooden plate I found last week that says ‘Twinkle twinkle little star, Do you know how blessed you are?’ What a great reminder! I should take a better picture so you can see it.

I should also find the missing box of fall decorations that I am certain is hiding in the garage. That way I can fall-ify the bookcase and guest bathroom also!

I will leave you with a (bad) picture of two very hot and tired girls from our trip to the Living History Farms in Des Moines


Update with a close up of my plate:


Our first trip to the Library!

Michael and I love to read and I have always loved the library. The smell of old books is intoxicating…so is the smell of new books bought in a store with a coffee shop! We are trying very hard to encourage a love of reading in Reagan. We read “her” books to her 3 times a day or more and we leave them in a bin on the floor so she can handle them and “read” them herself. Now that she is crawling and creeping she will bring a book over to you and expect for you to pick it up and look at it with her. We took this as a clue it was time to make our first trip to the library for story time.

Heading in for story time.

Pretty impressed with all the books.

Meeting the Librarian!

Selecting our titles

A little guidance from daddy.

We peed thru our diaper (and it was a disposable) and had to sit through story time with no pants.

Is it just me or does Michael look more engaged in the story than Reagan does?

Our very first library card!

Sweet Spring!

I strongly suspect that all the seasons are so much sweeter with a child. Especially one as sweet as mine.

Reagan is growing like a weed! I ca’t believe she is 7 months old already. I also can’t believe that besides crawling she can pull herself up to standing and “creep”. The parenting book said that would happen between 11-12 months… they lied. She is such a joy. The kindest and happiest baby there ever was.

Yesterday we spent some play time out in the sun. We love watching the world and our sweet neighbors go by from our front porch. Words can not describe what a wonderful community Plano it… We are so happy here.

I discovered the most amazing surprise in my front yard! Orange tulips. My favorite color and favorite flower is making a grand appearence in my very own front yard. I was so thrilled I took a ton of pictures. I am also very pleased with my new camera…goodbye fuzzy pics…Hello DSLR!

May God’s abundant blessing rain down on you this Spring.

Catching up


So we returned to Wisconsin after our trip to Tennessee for approximately 36 hours… long enough to pack up the dumpy little trailer and get the heck out of dodge!

We arrived in Plano around 8:30pm and found about 20 of our new church family waiting at our new home to help us unload…with a hot, home cooked meal. Talk about amazing!

The following days were a blur of unpacking, people stopping by to visit with food and general getting adjusted to a new area. I would say we are fitting in and getting settled just right. We arrived on a Wednesday night and had our first dinner guests Sunday after church. I whipped up a quick meal of polish sausage, garlic parmesan noodles and zucchini. We have had several of our new friends to dinner…including the mayor of Plano, who is also our next door neighbor.

I thought I might miss working but to be honest I don’t have time! You would never guess how much there is to do in a village less than a hundred people…or when you finally made the commitment to properly keep the house. We visit, we bake, we pray and play with our sweet baby. Life is so good right now sometimes I feel my heart swell.

Just so you know I am not loafing around here are some of the things that keep us hippity hopping!

Once a month on Monday I go to the Ladies Aid meeting where we make quilts for the needy. This ain’t no chit chat session. These chickies are serious. We go from about 9:30 to 2 or 3 and crank out 4-5 quilts. Everyone has their job to do and things flow along smoothly. We also have a carry in lunch around noon. They invited Michael and Richard (the mayor) in hopes that they would do the dishes… no luck. Richard has adopted Reagan as his granddaughter and was playing with her and Michael went off to socialize and check out all the sewing machines.

Every other Tuesday Michael leads a worship service at the Long Term Care wing of the hospital. He is very excited about this ministry. Wednesday we have bible study and Thursday Michael will have breakfast with the ministerial association in Centerville which is about 10 miles away. Starting on February 10th we will be taking a 16 week seminar to get us certified in Christian Counseling. Saturday nights the big fun is to head down to the auction house. Everyone who is anyone is there he he They even have a concession stand. I can’t wait to go… I will keep my eye out for vintage sewing machines and a piano! Sunday we have Sunday school and worship in the morning and prayer meeting and youth group in the evening. About twice a week he have a different family over for dinner and I am baking up a storm… we haven’t been here a month and I’ve been through 10 pounds of flour!

I haven’t let myself unpack the sewing room until I finish the rest of the house but I only have about 5 boxes left…so starting Monday…. sewing room here I come!

I was estatic to find out we have apple trees in our yard. Richard and Marilyn also have apples and a pear and a beautiful grape arbor which they said we can help ourselves to. We are now in zone 5 so that opens up some fun gardening adventures. Every one in Plano gardens which is awesome! Better order my seeds now

I am sure I am forgetting lots but wanted to catch you up with the wonderful things God has blessed us with. Most especially this cutie…. who rolls all over the place now!


a word about pigeons…


Well Michael finally did it…he met Tim the neighbor who raises the pigeons. He has been dying to meet him since we moved here. Apparently Tim is real kind and neighborly as he offered Michael a couple of baby pigeons to raise up. Trust me, I forbade him from accepting anymore pets from people.

But that got Michael asking him how he got into raising pigeons. It seems some kind person also offered Tim a couple of baby pigeons to raise and since he does not have a wise wife at home to kill him for bringing home the nasty little buggars he accepted. And now he can’t get rid of them. They just keep coming back and continuing to breed. So there you have it…even the guy who has the pigeons doesn’t want them. The are pretty “free range” around the trailer park. They like to strut in front of our trailer for two reasons

A. Michael feeds them (even though I have told him not to) and

B. it makes Sami crazy. I have to keep the curtains closed since Sami feels it is his duty to guard the house. So when Sami is not screaming “Stop it” at Reagan for crying he is squawking at the pigeons…which makes Reagan cry.

See, we are having fun!

A change in plans

We have had some life changing events come up recently…one major besides having a baby. This is the Reader’s Digest Condensed version…then I am moving on.

We have mutually decided to part ways from the church we have loved and served the last 4 years. An honest reflection of our spiritual growth over the last year shows that we are no longer on the same page with the elders. We can not force change and growth on others as much as our human nature wants us to so we have made the only choice available. We wish this church the best and continue to love and cherish them. In the mean time while Michael is looking for another church to serve we have found ourselves homeless (sort of) which is one of the pitfalls of living in a parsonage. God has blessed us with affordable and temporary housing (Please Dear Lord) in the form of a trailer we are going to rent.

Those who know me know I grew up in dumpy trailers in the south and this is a manifestation of one of my worse nightmares. Michael on the other hand always had a nice traditional home to stay in and is super excited for this adventure. I am going to tap into my inner optimist and made the best of the situation. While this trailer is certainly old as dirt vintage and super tiny quaint, since it is so cheap it means I only have to go back to work part-time like I had planned and get to stay home more with Reagan. There are always blessing for those who look for them. Frankly the trailer is best described as trailertastic but I will rise to the occasion and make it quirky, cute and home.

Please send prayers!

More progress!

Slowly but surely it is coming along!

Lentil’s Aunties (My sister and her life partner Tiffany) wanted to get Lentil the perfect gift. They put a lot of thought into this….

100_0584.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

Isn’t this little rocking chair precious! It will make a wonderfully magical spot for her to sit and read and imagine.100_0585.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

Her swing which we scored second hand!

100_0587.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

And the stroller/car seat travel system that took us 40 forevers to put together but we sure laughed a lot. This was a gift from our dear friend Dawn (Bucky the dog’s mom)

100_0581-1.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys

Still no curtains yet but we will get there…eventually!