Operation Static Monkey revealed!

So we had a lovely time on Tuesday night! There was lots of laughing, drinking and carrying on…I believe a great time was had by all.

Here are the “Public” pictures of that evening…. we also have some “private” ones that were a result of cheap box wine and extreme comfort with one another…

Christin is happy

Our Beautiful birthday girl…

What could it be?

What could it be?  Operation Static monkey….

Christin and Carla getting to know each other...

Introducing Carla! Christin was the only Lusty Lady with out a sewing machine machine so we had to remedy that!

The other "lushy" Lusty ladies

The LUSHY ladies!

All for me...

Time for cake. Does she think if she licks it no one else will want to eat it??? Yeah right…we totally eat after each other all the time.


It was such a great night! And we even managed to get a little sewing accomplished…


I got tagged

1. Link to the person that tagged you.  Thanks a lot Christin


2. Post the rules on your blog.  I don’t even know the rules…..

3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.  Because I know you all care so very much….

4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to their blogs.  I don’t know six bloggers…. Is this the blog world’s version of the email chain letter? You aren’t going to threaten doom and destruction if I fail to complete this mission are you?

5. Let each person know they were tagged by leaving a comment on their website.  I will tag Babbers since she is a new blogger and I do not know anyone else who would appreciate being tagged…

6. Let your tagger know when your entry is up.  Sure thing….not

Random Crys facts….

1. I am considered a pretty good cook and baker. Its is something I enjoy doing so this is not news to anyone. What most people would find odd is that my favorite food of all time is Jello. Seriously. I am also highly addicted to Little Debbie snacks. I can not buy them ever….at all….again….

2. I like to pretend that I am taller then I really am and frequently lie about my true height which I used to get away with when I always wore heels and had big hair…. now that I wear flats more its a bit harder to pull off

3. My father has a mail order family from the Philippines. I resent this on several levels but mostly because I don’t think he should ever find happiness for all the pain and neglect he inflicted on me. My secret hope was that he would die lonely so he would know what I experienced. I feel bad because it is a mean thought but…..

4. I like to make New Year resolutions. Random and weird resolutions. Like watching all the academy award winning movies in a year (for Best Picture). I am pretty good at keeping them unless they revolve around exercising and losing weight…… ugh

5. I do not like to be wet….ever….not even soaking in a hot shower or swimming in a pool….I only do it out of necessity and if I can get away with out it…I WILL.

6. I do not like horror or suspenseful books or movies…..and I would rather know how a book/movie ends before I read/watch it to avoid the suspense and anticipation. I also talk a lot in movies which does not make me a desirable movie going companion….especially if Harry Potter is involved.

Operation Static Monkey

I am so excited becasue tomorrow is craft night and we have a special surprised arranged for Christin aka Static Monkey. Her birthday was last week and the Lusty Ladies haven’t had a chance to celebrate. I can’t revel the surprise just yet but I will be serving this

 Turtle Cheesecake

And I am sure copious amounts of wine will also be served. I wish I had time to make another dessert also since Tweet is insane and does not eat cheesecake but alas time is always something short in supply.

I love doing nice things for my friends and so I am busting with excitement! It is very difficult not to just come out with the secret so it is a good thing Christin is off today. I just have to get through tomorrow….

An unexpected surgery for Bernie….

Last week when I was at Bernina Guide club is Wausau I was working on the Stripped to pieces bag and all of a sudden Bernie started revolting. None of her stitches were working and she kept breaking needles and thread. Karen came over because obviously I was doing something wrong (insert eye roll here) however she could not fix it either. It was a good thing Al (Bernie’s Doctor) was there so he could have a look at her. While he looked at her I stepped out of the room to call Michael since I was pissed. When I came back in the room this is what I witnessed…. it was tragic….I was shocked and appalled

100_1355 by you.


100_1356 by you.


Poor Bernie sitting there with all her gadgets and whatnots exposed. Al was able to get her to cooperate that night however when she is have some tension/thread bunching issues still. this will require me to drive to Rhinelander 2 hours away and wait for her to be seen by the Doctor again….. Not a great time for her to fall ill since I have serious holiday sewing to be working on and tomorrow is Craft night!

A Wonderful Weekend!

I had an absolutely lovely weekend. Its was quite busy but I had a great time.

Friday when I got home from work and after I cut my sister’s hair I spent the evening working on my YBR quilt and doing a little water coloring.

Saturday I went on a little road trip with my friend Dawn from Church. We went to Osseo, Wi to visit a quilt shop and the Norske Nook. They can make a pie like ain’t nobodies business! Yummy! I had the chocolate mousse there and brought home a blueberry pie. I actually ate blueberry pie for breakfast this morning. Amazing.

Osseo, Wi is a quaint little rural town and the drive is beautiful. Its about 2 hours from Stevens Point and we got to see lots of gorgeous farmland, trees and Amish people (I am fascinated by Amish people only slightly less then I am fascinated by little people)

We popped into the The Quilt Yard which is a great shop that is actually owned by Betty Cotton of the Cotton Theory method. That will make sense to you quilters out there. You will be shocked and surprised that I did not buy a single thing although I lusted over lots.

Then we went into a couple of the little shops and artisans boutiques. This town is very “Art Friendly”. I thoughly enjoyed my time there and will be arranging for the Lusty Ladies to go on a road trip for pie.

Here are some pictures.


This Turkey was fashioned from old car parts. Up-cycling at its best. He brought a big smile to my face and his image was promoted to computer background. If he wasn’t so expensive or I wasn’t so poor he would have made the trip home with me.


The Norske Nook is a Scandinavian restaurant with mediocre food and the worlds most amazing pies. Seriously just eat pie for dinner and pie for dessert!




The variety of pies was mind boggling! It was SO hard to pick just one (or in my case two)


Award winning pies….Seriously. I was slightly shocked that there IS actually an national pie competition…





It was a relaxing and wonderful day and I seriously needed one of those.


How random and funny is this guy??? He cracked me up!

Today after church I went out to Emily’s house and we took pictures in the old country, rural cemeteries. It was a great day to shot that since is was grey, dreary and cold…. I hope the film turns out well. And now I have to take back calling Miss Emily a sissy since she manned up and went to the grave yard with me. Although she wouldn’t go at night so I will only half take it back.

Emily is such a wimp



Major Chicken

Chicken A Go-Go by Domain Barnyard


I had this brilliant idea to go to a local cemetery to take some pictures. Possibly have a model dress as an apparition from the 1940’s or something. Cemeteries are great places for inspiration. They are creepy and romantic places full of old memories. It always makes me wonder about the people who are buried there; Where they a good person? Do they still have family living? Did they find their soul mate? Did they have a relationship with God? How did they die? And while I am known for being a ‘fraidy cat I am not creeped out by cemeteries.


However apparently Emily is…. wuss.

Oh well I am sure I can get Tweet to go so long as I don’t try to get her to pose nude.

Oh Crap!

I got a stupid parking ticket!

I went out to my car today and totally did not realize I parked in handicap by mistake.I was in a major rush this morning. I was in the public lot which is no where near any of the building so I did not realize that handicapped people would park there and hike theirselves to one of the buildings downtown. This sucks!