The crazy is creeping out

For real.

Christmas is in 3.5 days and I have the following things on my to do list. Christmas dress and dress coat for the wee one. Matching Pajamas for the Merry McKissick clan (ok, the three of us) Write out Christmas cards (procrastinate much?) Decorate wooden tissue box to hold playsilks.

MMMMMM, so what did I do today?

Let’s see, I reorganized my kitchen. ReFeathered my diningroom. Hauled in and unpacked 5 boxes from my garage. Cleaned the wee one’s room. Had 5 different visitors drop by at 3 separate times. Read the book ‘No, No Noah” 8x and made fudge.

I also invited 9 people to my house for a Christmas day feast.

Waiting to do my sewing until Friday night will make it more fun right? Who doesn’t love a challenge?



It is so stinking hot! Like over 100* every day. No playing outside for us!

Today we did get up extra early to go to the County fair. I have never been to a proper County fair. It was a unique experience. We got there at 7:30am to see the 4H Sheep show since a couple sweet girls from church were showing sheep. I am now so in love with 4H. Michael and I are already thinking about Reagan’s first projects. We are so silly. Usually when we go to the fair it is for the rides and games but this didn’t have any of that. It was amazing to get to see who won ribbons in animals, baking, sewing and other hand crafts. I am already planning what I want to enter next year. As it was crazy early for us to be leaving the house I of course forgot the camera. Oops

My current projects are quilting a HR goldfish quilt, a birthday and a back to school dress for my sweet nieces and rag dolls. I am currently obsessed with making dolls. Hopefully I will have something to show next time.

Feeling ambitious

Or possibly just very brave…or crazy

Fabric? How is fabric making you feel ambitious/brave/crazy? Aren’t you addicted to fabirc?

You see while I have shown you pictures of my fabric lovelies before…never has any of the fabric been to make myself clothes. What am I thinking? I have never had the desire to make myself clothes and before now there was never a need. Someone people might refer to me as a clothes horse. However I lead a different life style now and no longer need a closet full of dress up clothes and instead need things that would look cool and funky on a stay at home mom. Yes, I know that my taste ranges somewhere between 70’s chic and little old lady. What can I say? I am odd 🙂

I plan on using a couple of the Sis Boom patterns from Carla C (you can find them at I am hoping for the best. I know that it probably won’t turn out like the vision in my head since my self imagine may be slightly distorted. You see, the Crys in my head is around 5’10, shaped like Xena the Warrior Princess and has a long willowy neck….in reality…Not.So.Much. The mirror keeps informing me that I am only 5 feet tall on a good day and shaped much more like Sponge Bob than Xena. I should replace that mirror.

P.S. I have my heart set on making a flowy maxi dress. Which I know is a mistake (see self imagine distortion noted above). You should start trying to talk me out of that now…

Always Remember

God has your back!

As I have been sad and overwhelmed lately sometimes I have forgotten that I am still loved by an amazing and caring God. I was reminded today when after talking with Michael about the fact that we are worried about money I went to the mailbox and my job realized the had not been paying me properly for my leave and sent me the balance of what they owed me.

Which is especially good as we HAD (I won’t go into details) to hire the Orkin man and was worried we have to ask the in laws to make it our Christmas present….

Today’s lesson

One stressed out new mama + An amazing and merciful God = Big fat check!

Just kidding

= Help and relief when most needed.


is golden when all you have to say is complaints.

Sorry I have been away. I haven’t done anything worth sharing in the last few months except sit on my couch and whine. But I am better now and so now I should get back into the swing of things 🙂

Seriously, I haven’t even sewn much of anything. Yikes…I need to get to crackin’ or this babe is going to be naked.

We call him/her Lentil which sounds much better the “it”. We should find out Lentil’s flavor in a couple of weeks. He/She is due to make their first appearance at the end of August or beginning of Sept. We know how punctual first babies are…let’s all hold our breath.

We did get a baby doll to “pretend” to help Sami get adjusted….we shall see how that goes. He is the world’s most spoiled parrot. He is currently sitting in my pony tail sticking his feathers in my hair to “decorate” me. Perfect timing since I am due back at work in 20 minutes.

I went to the used book store in town today since it was simply too gorgeous of a day to stay in. Guess what I bought?

3 Ramona books! Ramona Quimby!

Those wonderful books from the second grade written by the wonderful and genius Beverly Cleary!

Winter is so long here in central Wisconsin but we have been sent a gift from God and have been enjoying unseasonably warm weather. The snow is melting and the sun feels exquisite on your skin. I am…Thankful.

 There..I broke the silence.

Today’s Goals…..

Do something other than lay on my couch!!!!!

Previously should I feel unmotivated and unenergetic I would simply drink copious amounts of Mt. Dew and/or coffee. Since that is now not an option I will have to use the power of positive thinking and self guilt to get motivated. Apparently playing host to parasitic body invader is exhausting….

 I did manage to go to breakfast with my (just a little taller) baby sister this morning. The call of pancakes was very strong. also bacon…..yum bacon…

I am now (well, I am supposed to be) sewing with Emily. She is cutting out a new project and I am eating cashews with Sami and putzing around.  I should really go and sew something….I do have projects cut out.

Dear Sami

While I think it is very cute you like to “help” with the laundry I don’t need you to taste test the laundry detergent. It is not necessary at all and I promise it does not taste good. So next time you bite me for not letting you drink the soap I am going to stink you IN the washer and shut the lid. Just so you know.

Love, Mommy (Not girlfriend)

Yes, we do have to take the parrot with us on vacation. We can’t find a bird sitter for him (we have sitters for the other birds) because apparently he misses his mommy (not girlfriend) so much he is obnoxious and surly (screaming and biting). He has gotten much better behavior wise since we inherited him. He doesn’t bite as hard or as  often and it HAS been awhile since he crapped in Emily’s hair (he use to love to do this, just for spite). But now he is much more vocal……He wants his opinion heard and he feels he should be the center of attention. It is also his opinion that no one should touch me except for him and if someone does touch me (such as my husband) then obviously they wanted to get attacked by my guard parrot. We are working on this particular personality defect trait.


I did have a nice long heart to heart with him as to why Grandma’s (Michael’s mom) bouffant hair do is OFF LIMITS….I know it looks cosy and curious but I think he understands that he is not to land in it and make it his nest. She would cook him up wrapped in bacon in a red hot minute should he pull that stunt.