Completely discombobulated

Having to work on Wednesday completely threw off my schedule this week. I switched with my buddy David so I could be off on Saturday to go to the Black River Falls Ladies day. On occasion I have to play “preacher’s wife” and do things that I wouldn’t typically do.  Not that the ladies day won’t be lovely and edifying…. its just that getting up at 5am on a Saturday to drive 2 hours to sit and listen to speakers for 4 hours then drive home 2 hours is not how I would plan my Saturday. Maybe a Thursday….


Back to why I am discombobulated. I am always off on Wednesday so I use that day (usually) to do my housework. I need a set day or the manor revolts against me and takes over redecorating itself with clutter and birdseed. I am not a neat freak by any stretch but as we have a very “open door’ policy with friends and family and complete strangers we meet on the street and invite home with us, I need the mess to remain confined to areas not typically seen my the public. But now it is Thursday and I need to do my chores. I was secretly horrified that house elves didn’t come in and pick up the slack for me just this once….I am convinced that is what is living in the basement ceiling eating the mouse poison like crunch-n-munch and throwing parties.


I can’t just ignore it either since it will A.) Make me crazy and B.) We are leaving for Tennessee next week and need the house not to be disgusting.


Enough of my grumbling, let’s talk about something FUN!!!


I got a couple quilts back from the quilter and hope to get the binging on so I can show them to you later today. Michael’s scarf he is knitting is turning out beautifully.


I have also been very good about not buying fabric or yarn the last month or so. Practicing self-control is not fun but I would rather learn on my own then have to have God teach me through trials. He is very helpful like that…. one of the reasons I am a very patient person.


Sami the parrot now says “Stop it” (when you pull his tail which I think means he doesn’t like it) “Thank you” (took us awhile to catch this since we were sort of afraid he was saying something that started with F and ended with you) and “love you”


One thought on “Completely discombobulated

  1. Howdy! I met you and your friends today at Ladies Day in Black River Falls. I enjoyed our short visit. I hope we can chat again some time soon.

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