It is so stinking hot! Like over 100* every day. No playing outside for us!

Today we did get up extra early to go to the County fair. I have never been to a proper County fair. It was a unique experience. We got there at 7:30am to see the 4H Sheep show since a couple sweet girls from church were showing sheep. I am now so in love with 4H. Michael and I are already thinking about Reagan’s first projects. We are so silly. Usually when we go to the fair it is for the rides and games but this didn’t have any of that. It was amazing to get to see who won ribbons in animals, baking, sewing and other hand crafts. I am already planning what I want to enter next year. As it was crazy early for us to be leaving the house I of course forgot the camera. Oops

My current projects are quilting a HR goldfish quilt, a birthday and a back to school dress for my sweet nieces and rag dolls. I am currently obsessed with making dolls. Hopefully I will have something to show next time.


1 thought on “Yikes-a-doodle!

  1. Oh fun!! We love the county fair! This will be my first year in a long time to not enter anything. It makes me sad. I will try to get myself together to enter next year, but I do miss entering this year. You should definitely enter some things next year Crys!!!

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