Dear Sami

While I think it is very cute you like to “help” with the laundry I don’t need you to taste test the laundry detergent. It is not necessary at all and I promise it does not taste good. So next time you bite me for not letting you drink the soap I am going to stink you IN the washer and shut the lid. Just so you know.

Love, Mommy (Not girlfriend)

Yes, we do have to take the parrot with us on vacation. We can’t find a bird sitter for him (we have sitters for the other birds) because apparently he misses his mommy (not girlfriend) so much he is obnoxious and surly (screaming and biting). He has gotten much better behavior wise since we inherited him. He doesn’t bite as hard or as  often and it HAS been awhile since he crapped in Emily’s hair (he use to love to do this, just for spite). But now he is much more vocal……He wants his opinion heard and he feels he should be the center of attention. It is also his opinion that no one should touch me except for him and if someone does touch me (such as my husband) then obviously they wanted to get attacked by my guard parrot. We are working on this particular personality defect trait.


I did have a nice long heart to heart with him as to why Grandma’s (Michael’s mom) bouffant hair do is OFF LIMITS….I know it looks cosy and curious but I think he understands that he is not to land in it and make it his nest. She would cook him up wrapped in bacon in a red hot minute should he pull that stunt.


One thought on “Dear Sami

  1. Crys, I know this must be such a pain, but I did laugh outright at the thought of the parrot landing in your mother-in-law’s hair!!! What a photo that would make!

    Have a fun vacation even with your crazy bird.

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