Feeling ambitious

Or possibly just very brave…or crazy

Fabric? How is fabric making you feel ambitious/brave/crazy? Aren’t you addicted to fabirc?

You see while I have shown you pictures of my fabric lovelies before…never has any of the fabric been to make myself clothes. What am I thinking? I have never had the desire to make myself clothes and before now there was never a need. Someone people might refer to me as a clothes horse. However I lead a different life style now and no longer need a closet full of dress up clothes and instead need things that would look cool and funky on a stay at home mom. Yes, I know that my taste ranges somewhere between 70’s chic and little old lady. What can I say? I am odd 🙂

I plan on using a couple of the Sis Boom patterns from Carla C (you can find them at Youcanmakethis.com) I am hoping for the best. I know that it probably won’t turn out like the vision in my head since my self imagine may be slightly distorted. You see, the Crys in my head is around 5’10, shaped like Xena the Warrior Princess and has a long willowy neck….in reality…Not.So.Much. The mirror keeps informing me that I am only 5 feet tall on a good day and shaped much more like Sponge Bob than Xena. I should replace that mirror.

P.S. I have my heart set on making a flowy maxi dress. Which I know is a mistake (see self imagine distortion noted above). You should start trying to talk me out of that now…


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