Whooo’s Cute

I made these cute little outfits for Reagan and Naomi (My best friend Margaret’s little girl).

Margaret and I both love owls so I am pretty sure she will like this. Plus I finally tried in the hoop applique and it is super easy and addicting. I big squishy heart love it.

Most of the skirt fabric was fat quarters the were gifted to me eons ago by Emily..that or I stole them from her, but I am pretty sure she gave them to me. I actually put real effort in to these skirts. I top stitched all the seams and everything. I self-drafted them based on a skirt we (as in Margaret and I) got in one of the first Sewingmamas swaps we did. Back when we entered as one person and Margaret did shared all the work.

Isn’t he cute? Did you see the adorable gnome tag? Love it!

I must confess I am very pleased with how these turned out. (although if you look really hard M, you will find sewing errors)


Tea for 3 please

I forgot to share this with ya’ll. A couple of weeks ago we had Ms. Elizabeth over for a tea party. Ms. Elizabeth is a very sweet lady who goes to church with us. She is 88 and has been playing the piano at the Plano Christian church since she was 12! We are a kindred spirit (Oh, how I love Anne of Green Gables) as we both love and collect tea cups!

Ms. Elizabeth just loves Reagan. She tells me she doesn’t think this baby has ever cried she is so sweet. Of course 10 minutes before she arrived Reagan was throwing a royal fit but as soon as company arrived she put on her public face and was sweet as pie. I found that hilarious. Granted she doesn’t cry often or much but she is certainly strong-willed.

I really should have pressed my table-cloth…

I served homemade chicken salad in a purple cabbage leaf to make it pretty. I also set out a selection of raw veggies.

Since Michael and I are eating Paleo (The Paleo Diet) I didn’t make a proper tea but I did serve Elizabeth homemade molasses cookies fresh from the over. I took the rest to my sweet neighbor lest we be tempted.

It truly was a lovely afternoon.

Farm fun!

We love animals! We are so excited that so many people at our new church live on farms. Spring is a wonderous time on the farm especially farms who have kids who do 4H.

We took Reagan the other day to visit our friends The Rogers. They have lots of animals on their farm and we even got to watch them shear some lambs. Plus they give me the raw wool!

I love how intrigued and curious Reagan is… she wasn’t scared at all. She was trying really hard to get down so she can do some exploring on her own but since she has to also taste to explore (what is with putting everything in the mouth?!?!) we thought it best to keep her contained.


I serious love old tractors! Seriously

We met bacon I mean pigs.

And baby chicks! I had to check Michael before we left to make sure he didn’t try to chick-nap any…he LOVES baby chicks…and chickens.

I suspect Reagan was a little confused as to why she can pet this bird but not the bird at home. Although I must say that petting this bird has renewed her interested in a certain feathered sibling…


If you have read my blog for any amount of time you will know how I feel about goats!


The sheep weren’t very pleased about getting a haircut and thus uncooperative with my desire to take their pictures.

We had a great time. It was so neat to introduce our sweet baby to this part of God’s creation!

Fall Fun

You know it’s fall when you have the urge to go to the apple orchard and starting canning the bounty!

Which is exactly what Christin and I did….

All you need is :

2 Besties

1 baby in a sling

2 apple corer/peeler/slicer thingys

4 bushels of apples

a metric ton of sugar

plenty of jars, lids and rings

motivation by Johnny, Jimmy, BB and Eric       (Cash, Buffet, King and Clapton)

and several hours!

Guess what we are giving away for Christmas!

100_0845.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys
100_0840.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys
100_0848.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys
look at how nice her new jeans make her hieny look!
100_0851.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys
100_0850.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys
The “Magic Goop”
100_0852.jpg picture by Cre8tiveCrys
2 exhausted chicks and a sleeping baby…and the loot!
5-6 pounds of sliced apples )We used Macs and Cortlands) per batch of goop. We made 2 batches of goop to get 16 jars…this is not an exact science.
Per batch of goop:
1 tsp salt
4.5 cups of sugar
1 cup corn starch
2 tablespoons cinnamon (or as much as you want. We like a spicy pie)
1 teaspoon nutmeg
10 cups of water
Mix all that in a large pot and cook until it thickens. We stuffed the jars and then added goop but after the fact I remembered from previous years it is much easier to goop the apples first then stuff the jars. It leaves you will less head space in your jars after canning. I need to write that on my recipe….
Process jars in a water bath canner for 20 minutes.
To bake:
Dump in a pie crust or just a casserole dish, cover with another pie crust or a box of jiffy cake mix and bake 30 minutes.
East peasy!

Babylicious update

For Aida…. a belly shot! Holy Cow I am huge!

This was from the amazing baby shower Christin and Barbara threw for me!


the food was AMAZING!

See, Now I am hungry just looking at it…

No one was enjoying the “guess the baby food flavor” game. Katie was shockingly good at it though

everyone was all smiles since the door prized were X rated!

Thanks so much Christin and Barb!

P.S. You know they love you when the food was Southern style and the banana cream pie was inported from Osseo!

Oh Saturday….

Way must you always go away so quickly?

I spent the morning hours doing wedding hair and make up for Barbara’s sister-in-law. The most exciting part was that they live on a farm and I got to watch their new baby horse hop around his mama and then I got to play with the baby goats!!!!

After doing 5 head’s of hair and make up I came home and took a nap with my sweet husband. Seems like we are both so busy lately that we have to steal time away to spend time together. He had to go to a preacher’s retreat up in Black River Falls today and got home just in time to nap.

Then we met our favorite friends (really they are our family here in Wisconsin) for dinner at Arby’s and many rounds of Mexican Train Dominos where I dominated the night and won by a long shot!

Do you have those special friends you feel like you can spend all the time in the world with and never tire of? Where you can be completely relaxed and laugh your head off? They truly are a gift from God and I pray He has blessed you with friends as amazing as our Thompson’s


But then I looked at the clock and relaxed that Saturday had breezed right on by……Good thing I like Sunday just as much.