3 Reasons you would want to AVOID my house right now.

1. We are all quarantined with the stomach flu. AHHHHHH! It is AWFUL. Reagan and I are the only ones actually sick so far but Sami and Michael whine so much you would think they were dying of the cholera. The matching Mama/daughter puking/pooping thing is way over-rated.

2. As a result of number 1 I had to postpone a much-needed trip up to WI for a marathon sewing day with my BFF Margaret.  As a result of number 1 and number 2 I am currently in a FOUL mood. It is snark city over here. I had to remind myself to be silent if I ain’t gonna say anything nice. I also had to stay off Face Book since I tend to type snarky also….(We actually have an offical reason to be making a quick trip but that falls under “Pastorial Duties” which is a title I do not wear while in a 50 mile radius of my BFF. So Michael has an official duty, I was just tagging along)

3. My table is laden with delectable and yummy baked goods I was preparing for our little trip. You would be tempted to over indulge. Why would you want to avoid them you ask? Please see number 1.

My baking is good but not worth getting the stomach flu over.


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