Catching up

I have been a terrible blogger as of late. I have no excuse or explanation. I used to sometimes blog multiple times a day and now I’ve gone a whole month…again. Perhaps it is because I over share on facebook?

Moving on. I have been sewing. Lots actually. Here is a recap from the last month or so.

I actually made two of these. One for Reagan and one for Naomi (my BFF’s daughter)

Also made two of these but I have to stop doing that since Reagan gets all of Naomi’s hand me downs. It’s going to start looking like the poor girl never gets any new clothes.

This is a bad picture of a very adorable set of clothing. It is all mix and match. There are 2 long sleeve knit tops, a sleeveless ruffle top, brown corduroy pants, brown leggings and a patchy skirt. This was for Naomi’s brown month at preschool. I actually made 3 of the ruffle tops and 3 of the skirts for Reagan and another friend’s daughter. This is my favorite fabric collection and I used nearly every scrap.

Just a few of the wardrobe combos 🙂


I can’t remember if I showed you Reggie’s fall coat or not. I made 2 of these also.

I love the lining fabric (obviously…its a different colorway of the same fabric as the brown outfits)

The other one I made is cupcake inspired.

Thanks for looking and hopefully I will have some Christmas sewing to share soon.

I will leave you with a pic of the cutie. She is growing so fast.

Excuse her dirty, I just finished lunch face and her creepy baby. She loves that thing (does she look familiar Emily?)


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