Whooo’s Cute

I made these cute little outfits for Reagan and Naomi (My best friend Margaret’s little girl).

Margaret and I both love owls so I am pretty sure she will like this. Plus I finally tried in the hoop applique and it is super easy and addicting. I big squishy heart love it.

Most of the skirt fabric was fat quarters the were gifted to me eons ago by Emily..that or I stole them from her, but I am pretty sure she gave them to me. I actually put real effort in to these skirts. I top stitched all the seams and everything. I self-drafted them based on a skirt we (as in Margaret and I) got in one of the first Sewingmamas swaps we did. Back when we entered as one person and Margaret did shared all the work.

Isn’t he cute? Did you see the adorable gnome tag? Love it!

I must confess I am very pleased with how these turned out. (although if you look really hard M, you will find sewing errors)


5 thoughts on “Whooo’s Cute

  1. I LOVE< LOVE LOVE these. How creative and sweet. I can't wait to see pics of the girls actually wearing them.

  2. I wish Aunt Joyce. A lot of people think that handmade should be cheaper than store bought and with the price of nice quality fabric and the fact that I am not a fast seamstress I wouldn’t make any money at this point. But thank you. I think I would like to sew to sell at some point.

  3. I am in LOVE with these outfits!!! ADORABLE! And I have two little girls who would be perfect for those if you ever do make and sell! I dabble in sewing but not sure I could muster up enough courage to take on that project! They are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog and traveling my journey with me…I look forward to learning much from your crafting ways, fellow Iowan!

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