Yep, I’m that mom

So yesterday Reagan and I had to do some back to school shopping for a needy family at church. Since we live in a very small town our Wal-Mart is not super, or open 24 hours or very well stocked. So armed with sizes and school supply lists we headed to Ottumwa where they have Dollar tree, Target and a super Wal-Mart. Unfortunately we had to go to all 3… I tried to get everything I needed at Target since I love them and try to avoid the other place at all cost but alas the list could not be completed until we made a stop at Wal-Mart.

Shopping for other people’s kids can be hard. Especially if you don’t have them there to try things on. Plus I have never had to buy kid size underwear so I was treading new waters to begin with…and Reagan was getting bored. I learned valuable lessons yesterday.

1. Never give her something to occupy her unless you intend to buy it. Grabbing some random thing off the shelf to entertain her since she had already gotten bored with the things you actually planned on buying will result in a ‘situation’ at the check out where you are unable to pry said object out of her clenched little fists and the check out lady will have to come around and scan it in her hands. No thank you, no need to remove the tag for her…you see that is the part she likes. Ugh, now we have an ugly pony with hair. At least it’s not plastic. Obviously Reagan is smarter than I am. She caught on much faster and thus receive something new at each store. I only realized it when I sat back and reflected on the day.

2. I learned that Reagan prefers to ride in the back of the cart where she can better inspect my choices and where she can discard any she doesn’t agree with. Pitching things over the side of the cart was great fun for her, less so for me. While I was trying to decide on underwear she managed to open the one pack I could settle on…

So I was the mom in Wal-Mart with the baby in the cart saying “Hi” to everyone and waving a pair of little boy’s tighty whities above her head…we got lots of laughs. Ahh memories


4 thoughts on “Yep, I’m that mom

  1. Heeeeeheeeee!!! I remember those days with my girls. I think you are wonderful for blessing another family with back to school things. I pray the Lord blesses you big today.

  2. Oh thank you for the smiles. I have been getting such a kick out of her antics. I see her and Sami in the picture did they finally make friends or is sami still trying to bite the fingers?

  3. They aren’t really friends but he is tolerating her better. She is being very naughty in this picture since she isn’t supposed to be near his cage and he is letting her know.

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