Feeling inspired…

Oh yeah…Let the living room make over begin.

Inspiration fabric has been selected

The pictures don’t really do the fabric justice but I love the yellows, reds, orange, greens and pops of turquoise. All my favorite colors. We will be painting the walls the warm harvest gold. I am super excited to get this project started. I am especially motivated by this….

Our new piano. Great condition, gorgeous mahogany wood gotten for a STEAL on craigslist!

Now to start trolling for a new couch. I abhor our couch. It was the one we had down in the basement of our old house. The set we had in the livingroom was much too large to fit in the trailer so we gave it to some friends. I know God will provide a replacement but in the mean time I need to break out the slip cover again. I took it off since Reagan spent her free time pulling it off.

Speaking of Reagan…guess who’s walking!!!!

I have been hunting down fun, cheap and cute DIY projects for home decor since I need new art work and vignettes. On my sewing to do list is slip covers for the throw pillows. I am super inspired by this one. Who wants to make it for me? Just kidding…although if you wanted to buy me the pattern…

I am finding lots of great ideas on Pinterest also…soooo addicting!


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