Happy Birthday Berklee

My little niece turns one in a few days and I had to hurry quick finish her dress and gift in hopes that it makes it there in time.

Her dress is a Miss Olivia Paige by the Handmade dress. I love Her patterns (you can probably tell). I used the blue colorway of this cupcake fabric for her sister’s birthday dress. Since Miss Berklee is a red head I thought the yellow would look adorable on her.

Back view

And a little rag doll. While her pigtails are indeed wonky, they aren’t quite this wonky..she was leaning on the orange pitcher. I made Reagan a black version of this baby doll in honor of our friend Zaria but Reagan made off with her before I could get pictures snapped and then….well, see, someone decided to take their diaper off one morning to check out what was stinking so much and….the baby doll is in the wash along with everything else that was in her bed.


Happy 1st Birthday Berklee girl!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Berklee

  1. You are so very talented Crystal, I used to like to sew for Nichole when she was small and then she did not want my creations any more. 😦 And life got to busy also. You are by far a better seamstress then I could ever be. Give that little apiring artist big kisses for me but only when she’s all cleaned up. love ya!

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