Once upon a time

There lived a princess named Kennedy who was about to start the first grade at Princess school. Knowing all the other Princess-in-trainings would surely be donning their finest gowns on the first day, Princess Kennedy wondered what she should wear that would show all the other Princesses she was the fairest of all. Fortunately Princess Kennedy has a Fairy Godmother named Aunt Crys who knew the importance of arriving well dresses as to best reflect her Kingdom. Fairy Godmother Aunt Crys hurried off to her magical machine Bernie and they created this most appropriate princess gown.

This gorgeous fairy fabric had been sitting in Aunt Crys’ stash for many years waiting for just the perfect opportunity to shine.

By using the Amelia pattern by Olabelhe,Fairy Godmother was able to showcase the beautiful fairy princesses frolicking in their magic kingdom.

Pink crystals on the bodice and a matching hairbow will surly make Princess Kennedy stand out among the other princesses.

We can’t wait to see a picture of Princess Kennedy in her new gown! I hope she loves it as much as I do.


2 thoughts on “Once upon a time

  1. She does love it and her teacher was so very impressed which helped make Kennedy feel even more sspecial on her first day. Thank you so very much!!!

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