Happy 5th of July

Since I am a day late in posting…

When did my sweet, tiny baby starting looking suspiciously like a little girl?

She’s not a very cooperative model since she is always on the go.

We are wrapping up our Tennessee vacation. Actually, we are very happy to be heading home today…well, except for the 12 hour drive and all. We learned a lot on this trip…

*NEVER visit TN in July…Holy Cow it’s hot! Too Hot…like can’t breathe hot.

*Old people are immune to hot. My mother in law keeps the AC set at 77…seriously. And she carried a sweater with her everywhere.

*After having the stupid television on around the clock I am even more pleased that we gave ours away.

*I discovered I love the Justice League cartoon. I have never liked cartoons.

*My mother in law’s idea of “baby proofing” is no match for Reagan the wrecker!

*While it is very important to be diligent with the sunscreen for the child, you must also remember the sunscreen on your own pasty, white back. I am burned to a crispy critter.

*My car goes on auto-pilot when they light up the Krispy Kreme sign.

* I still get to drive through Paducah, KY on the way from IA to TN and you know what that means…FABRIC!

The most important thing we learned is that while we love our family, our “home” is no longer in Tennessee. Home is in Plano, IA and we can’t wait to get back!


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