Goin’ to the zoo cuz Jaydon’s 2!

We are heading to the zoo tomorrow with friends from church to celebrate their
2yo’s birthday. I of course had to make the kids matchy outfits. Every occasion
requires the proper costume.

This is Jaydon’s shirt. It is the Carla C
Raglan in 2 T

It fits him great and was easy peasy to put together (and I hate sewing with

Here is the cutie at his party yesterday.

Gotta love a tractor cake!

The idea was to make the same shirt for Reagan but lengthen and flare it out a
bit to make a dress. We cloth diaper and Michael finds dresses easier than pants . Well really he
just doesn’t put the pants back on after a diaper change but that is neither
here nor there…

I was cutting out Reagan’s shirt when Michael came in the
sewing room to have a “look around” which translates “I have come to see if
there is anything in here I can steal to build my HAM radio” so I was not paying
as close attention to my cutting as I should have…and forgot to add any length
or flare…
Now keep in mind that for some unknown reason to me I bought way
too much of this fabric from a co-op a couple of years ago and just last night I
was wondering how I was ever going to use it all up (Michael has requested Pjs). One
would think I would have just recut the top out of all the excess fabric
(seriously, I got like 5 yards???) But oh no, that would be wasteful…
my brain started twirling and I remembered this cute drop waist dress my best
friend Margaret made last fall and I sort of just went from there. Actually I was remembering the darling leg warmers she knit from this knitting book we have. She self drafted the dress the little girl is modeling in the book cuz Margaret is brilliant like that. I however have
never self drafted anything before. I have never had the desire and still don’t
think I would do it again but this came out cute in my opinion and it will serve
the purpose it was made for. I mean seriously it will take me a life time and mulitpe children to sew through the patterns I already have.

The waist band is cut smaller to make a fitted waist but got stretched out when
I was top stitching. I wasn’t patient enought to wait for the fabric to recover
or even steam it. She will wear it tomorrow and then it will probably get
stained so I figured it best to show you now.


One thought on “Goin’ to the zoo cuz Jaydon’s 2!

  1. I love it!!! As for the dresses versus pants, we don’t cloth diaper and David still doesn’t return the pants or the bloomers to the baby afterward. We have three children and I cannot tell you the multiple occasions I have returned home to half naked children, LOL. But at least they are clean, dry and smell relatively nice, so all is good. Have a great time and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYDON!!!

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