Sneaky sneaky…

Reagan and I snuck up to Wisconsin last week…but didn’t really make that known to a lot of people. Not because we don’t love them but because we went to help my dear friend Dawn pack for her move and I knew we would be super busy. I can’t be very helpful if I am off visiting everyday.

We did have a great time even though it was a lot of work. We even made a trip up to Duluth, MN where Dawn will be moving. It is gorgeous…plus we stopped by Norske’s Nook twice for pie!

Duluth is right on Lake Superior…wowsers it is gorgeous there!

An added bonus was Dawn’s daughter Sarah who is also my good friend came with her adorable daughter and super sweet husband. Reagan and Zaria had the best time playing with each other!

Snuggle fest with Grandma Dawn and Buckwheat.

We would have stayed longer but Michael said we had to come home. I thought that was so sweet…he missed us. Except when I got home I realized he filled up our calender for the next two weeks….yikes. Monday we met friends at the lake for a picnic, Tuesday was tons of errands plus we have a birthday party on Saturday, potluck on Sunday, Monday we are going to the Zoo for Reagan’s boyfriend’s 2nd birthday, next Tuesday Michael is out-of-town and Wednesday we have a benefit dinner to raise money for a mission trip…whew, I need a nap just typing it out! Gotta love summer.


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