Tea for 3 please

I forgot to share this with ya’ll. A couple of weeks ago we had Ms. Elizabeth over for a tea party. Ms. Elizabeth is a very sweet lady who goes to church with us. She is 88 and has been playing the piano at the Plano Christian church since she was 12! We are a kindred spirit (Oh, how I love Anne of Green Gables) as we both love and collect tea cups!

Ms. Elizabeth just loves Reagan. She tells me she doesn’t think this baby has ever cried she is so sweet. Of course 10 minutes before she arrived Reagan was throwing a royal fit but as soon as company arrived she put on her public face and was sweet as pie. I found that hilarious. Granted she doesn’t cry often or much but she is certainly strong-willed.

I really should have pressed my table-cloth…

I served homemade chicken salad in a purple cabbage leaf to make it pretty. I also set out a selection of raw veggies.

Since Michael and I are eating Paleo (The Paleo Diet) I didn’t make a proper tea but I did serve Elizabeth homemade molasses cookies fresh from the over. I took the rest to my sweet neighbor lest we be tempted.

It truly was a lovely afternoon.


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