I suspect that if I took a vow of silence that my to-do list would finally start getting smaller.

My biggest challenge is not other people piling work on me since I am a stay at home, pastor’s wife….oh no! It is and always has been me and my big mouth. I volunteer, I take over, and even more often…it was my big idea in the first place.

While I have come to the realization the perhaps I am not superwoman, I still have high aspirations. But right now I need to get some mad time management skills… currently I have sitting on my plate to organize a camp work day, VBS (looming large and in charge), we need to revamp our sunday school program for the kids (I appointed myself coordinator), our weekly playgroup, I decided to make all of Reagan’s clothes and more cloth diapers,gardening to save money on our grocery bill, lots of homework and assignments for our Thursday night class, researching homeschool methods, trying to keep my house clean (and failing miserably), the humongous pile of boxes just chillin’ out in my yard, sorting things for the New Hope rummage sale fundraiser and baking cookies for the bake sale, I also have my heart set on making them a quilt to auction off… PLUS keeping up with this very busy and adventurous girly


And the most important thing on my plate is my relationship with God. If I am going to live a life of peace and blessings then my personal prayer and devotion time can not always be the first thing to get cut when I get too busy. I should use that time with God to center me, strengthen me and gear me up for my super busy, super blessed life……so, what’s a girl to do?

I have a couple ideas..but PLEASE share any others you may have.

I am going to make myself a daily schedule. This will include getting up at 6am for my bible study and prayer. I will make a weekly schedule of the housework that needs done and have a time set aside for it each day which will be during Reagan’s first nap. I will use from 8pm-10pm for my sewing time each evening after Reagan goes to sleep. I am also going to hire a “mother’s helper”. That’s a young girl at church who is willing to work for peanuts and will come for 2 hours or so twice a week to play with Reagan while I get other stuff done at home. Since Reagan is a climber she requires constant attention lest she climb the stairs, grab the bird, eat carpet fuzz… I also want her to be engaged and since we don’t put her in front of the T.V. (we don’t even have one) it required me to be creative. Michael is very supportive and has agreed to pray for me and this new schedule which I will start tomorrow. It will just take some prayer and practice to find the rhythm of our home!


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