Spring Sewing!

I have started to work on Reagan’s spring/summer wardrobe. I love having a little girl to sew for and dress up. Michael did remind me to make things other than dresses and while that isn’t as fun I guess I can see his point.

When we were stuck in the dumpy trailer I traced and cut out several things for spring/summer and so now I am finishing up the sewing so I can dream up more projects. Actually I have to take a break and make another birthday dress but that shouldn’t take too long. Since I am committed to sewing all of her clothes I have started scheduling my sewing time more regularly. I am trying to get in the habit of sewing clothing from 8pm until 10pm (but I usually stay at it till 11:30 or so once I get started). My goal is to work on quilts during nap times and I have set up a small sewing station downstairs using a microwave cart. It is so nice to have Eloise my Singer Featherweight fixed!

Ok, enough rambling. I know you what to see the goods…

The pattern is the Portabellapixie Claire pattern. (Peasant dress view)

It was a seriously gorgeous day out today

This is the same pattern (obviously) but made in a tunic length to wear over shorts/skirts/pants/cloth diaper…

I find it rather easy and very productive to make a couple of the same pattern at the same time. It doesn’t add very much time to your project and the payout is big.

Thanks for looking.

My little apple trees looked prettier the other day when I originally tried to get the pictures but it was so windy it kept blowing the dresses out of the tree.


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