Our first trip to the Library!

Michael and I love to read and I have always loved the library. The smell of old books is intoxicating…so is the smell of new books bought in a store with a coffee shop! We are trying very hard to encourage a love of reading in Reagan. We read “her” books to her 3 times a day or more and we leave them in a bin on the floor so she can handle them and “read” them herself. Now that she is crawling and creeping she will bring a book over to you and expect for you to pick it up and look at it with her. We took this as a clue it was time to make our first trip to the library for story time.

Heading in for story time.

Pretty impressed with all the books.

Meeting the Librarian!

Selecting our titles

A little guidance from daddy.

We peed thru our diaper (and it was a disposable) and had to sit through story time with no pants.

Is it just me or does Michael look more engaged in the story than Reagan does?

Our very first library card!


2 thoughts on “Our first trip to the Library!

  1. That was way cute! Auntie Christine Loves to read also, Never without a book thats why I now own a book nook!

  2. How Wonderful!! We love the library as well though I admit since little miss #3 has come along we haven’t been. Reagan looks like she had a marvelous time!!!

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