Easter at the Manor

We had a beautiful Easter Sunday. It was so glorious to celebrate our risen Savior with our precious daughter and our wonderful new church family!

I did have to get up extra early to finish a little last-minute sewing for one of the sweet girls at church but after that the rest of the day was full of fun, praise and worship…and amazing food!

We had a beautiful church service and an extra special surprise as Michael and Richard (our next door neighbor, Mayor of Plano and adopted grandpa) sang a special performance in honor of the occasion. As most people know Michael signs beautifully with a sound very similar to his musical hero Elvis. Well, we are so lucky to live next to the most musically inclined mayor around! Richard plays the autoharp (think June Carter Cash) and sounds very similar to his musical hero Johnny Cash! The just blew us away on Sunday with their beautiful renditions of country gospel favorites. Someone in church commented that they were afraid we are going to lose both the Pastor and the Mayor to fame on fortune. Not likely but it was a joy to hear them sing.

After church we joined Richard and Marilyn for lunch and had the wonderful opportunity to get to know their family better. It was great since we already feel like such a part of their family. We truly have the best neighbors in the world.

Here are some pictures from our special day!

The Basket

When Michael was growing up they used the same basket each year and also each boy had a special inflatable rabbit they only got to play with that day. We decided to keep that tradition and spent a fair amount of time at Hobby Lobby selecting just the right basket to play a part in Reagan’s Easter memories. The rabbit posed a slight problem for 2 reasons… we aren’t keen on plastic toys (we prefer natural materials) and frankly we just couldn’t find an inflatable rabbit in Iowa or Nashville (Michael insisted we try since that was his favorite part). So we (gladly) settled on this beautiful and realistic bunny. We aren’t going to really “teach” the concept of the Easter bunny. We are going to go more along the lines of  celebrate Spring/the Earth awakening from slumber and the gift of Salvation we received when Jesus triumphed over the grave. Michael named the rabbit Herbert which he got off of an original Star Trek episode (the one about the intergalactic hippies for those who care).

Her basket contained some crocheted fruit and 2 board books. The Very Hungry Caterpillar and But Not The hippopotamus (which is hilarious).

Isn’t she the most gorgeous baby ever!


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