See… I promised

I would come back with proof I have been productive!

See what I have for you…


All of the patterns are by Samantha over at the Handmade Dress. She is brilliant with the patterns that look deceptively difficult but are secretly quite easy! Plus she has a new forum which you must all join. I did.

(P.S. I swear I am not being paid to advertise… I am just an over enthusiastic fan)

5 Miss Madelines all in a row

look how springy and cheery the look hanging on my porch! It was a windy but gorgeous day yesterday!

This is made into a tunic length top for Reagan’s spring/summer wardrobe. My mother in law picked out the fabric…Margaret claimed the scraps!

Another tunic length Miss Madeline made from some fabric Margaret got for my baby shower but decided not to use. Of course she was very generous and let me steal it from her!

This is a full length Miss Madeline for Reagan’s friend Zaria who just turned 1. Zaria is the daughter of my good friend Sarah.

This is Berklee’s Easter dress. Berklee is my cousin Jennifer’s daughter and is 3 weeks older than Reagan.

This one is Reagan and I added the optional little apron which I think is so sweet.

This is Naomi’s late birthday out fit

I used the Miss Olivia Paige top and the Miss Claire skirt. I LOVE the way it turned out!

So fun and cheerful!

Now back to sewing. I still have lots to do!


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