Catching up


So we returned to Wisconsin after our trip to Tennessee for approximately 36 hours… long enough to pack up the dumpy little trailer and get the heck out of dodge!

We arrived in Plano around 8:30pm and found about 20 of our new church family waiting at our new home to help us unload…with a hot, home cooked meal. Talk about amazing!

The following days were a blur of unpacking, people stopping by to visit with food and general getting adjusted to a new area. I would say we are fitting in and getting settled just right. We arrived on a Wednesday night and had our first dinner guests Sunday after church. I whipped up a quick meal of polish sausage, garlic parmesan noodles and zucchini. We have had several of our new friends to dinner…including the mayor of Plano, who is also our next door neighbor.

I thought I might miss working but to be honest I don’t have time! You would never guess how much there is to do in a village less than a hundred people…or when you finally made the commitment to properly keep the house. We visit, we bake, we pray and play with our sweet baby. Life is so good right now sometimes I feel my heart swell.

Just so you know I am not loafing around here are some of the things that keep us hippity hopping!

Once a month on Monday I go to the Ladies Aid meeting where we make quilts for the needy. This ain’t no chit chat session. These chickies are serious. We go from about 9:30 to 2 or 3 and crank out 4-5 quilts. Everyone has their job to do and things flow along smoothly. We also have a carry in lunch around noon. They invited Michael and Richard (the mayor) in hopes that they would do the dishes… no luck. Richard has adopted Reagan as his granddaughter and was playing with her and Michael went off to socialize and check out all the sewing machines.

Every other Tuesday Michael leads a worship service at the Long Term Care wing of the hospital. He is very excited about this ministry. Wednesday we have bible study and Thursday Michael will have breakfast with the ministerial association in Centerville which is about 10 miles away. Starting on February 10th we will be taking a 16 week seminar to get us certified in Christian Counseling. Saturday nights the big fun is to head down to the auction house. Everyone who is anyone is there he he They even have a concession stand. I can’t wait to go… I will keep my eye out for vintage sewing machines and a piano! Sunday we have Sunday school and worship in the morning and prayer meeting and youth group in the evening. About twice a week he have a different family over for dinner and I am baking up a storm… we haven’t been here a month and I’ve been through 10 pounds of flour!

I haven’t let myself unpack the sewing room until I finish the rest of the house but I only have about 5 boxes left…so starting Monday…. sewing room here I come!

I was estatic to find out we have apple trees in our yard. Richard and Marilyn also have apples and a pear and a beautiful grape arbor which they said we can help ourselves to. We are now in zone 5 so that opens up some fun gardening adventures. Every one in Plano gardens which is awesome! Better order my seeds now

I am sure I am forgetting lots but wanted to catch you up with the wonderful things God has blessed us with. Most especially this cutie…. who rolls all over the place now!



2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. How is it that she is growing like a little weed! she is such a cutie. Will she remember me?

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