Once upon a time in a trailer park far away…

lived two beautiful hillbilly girls whose redneck mamas decided to have their pictures made together…in dresses that scream 1980

this is my cousin Jennifer and me when we were tiny. I am the rolly polly one with the whale spout…surprised?

When the beautiful hillbilly princesses grew up they had some beautiful children of their own. The decided to have their picture made in blue and white dresses also…albiet a lot less 1980 style. Yikes.

So in all my practical wisdom I made blue velvet and white silk dresses for a 5-year-old and 2 newborns. Of course these dresses are not machine washable…and yes Reagan spit up all over hers.

As you can see the hillbilly royalty was not as impressed with my idea as I was. But doesn’t Kennedy (the 5-year-old) look just like her mama? She is also not gonna let 2 screaming babies ruin her top model moment. Look at that smile!

We also needed a picture with our handsome prince.



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