You take the good with the bad

And that is just the facts of life!

We are rejoicing because the Lord has indeed blessed us with a new church to serve and we are THRILLED! We are moving to Iowa this month…crazy I know.

However our joy is damped a little with the fact that Michael’s sweet father Sonny will be going to be with the Lord any moment now. So we made an emergency trip to Tennessee to spend his last moment on this earth with him. We know we will see him again in Heaven and know that the loving God we serve will embrace him and take away his pain but we grieve for ourselves…the ones left behind. We will miss him greatly but know that we were gifted with so much more time then we thought we would have.

 On the plus side….it is WAY warmed in Tennessee than in Wisconsin.


2 thoughts on “You take the good with the bad

  1. Oh Crys, I am so happy and sad for you all at the same time. Rejoicing over a new church to serve, and sad over the loss of your FIL. I pray you have a good trip and blessed time together. And I am praying for you as you pack. I am very willing to send some of my packed boxes to you, rather than unpack them. Heehee!!
    I am sure you will miss your trailer. Hahah!!! Happy move!

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