Oh Sami!


I have learned a lot of interesting thing since I was blessed with this little green cheeked conure.

This photo oppertunity was a very bad idea….

You see Reagan who has recently learned how to grab things she wants and put them in her mouth and Sami who bites in self defense (and when he is feeling onery) had an altercation literally seconds after I took this shot. Sami did feel terrible afterwards and repeatedly told Reagan to “stop it” when she started screaming. It was completely my fault and I feel like a terrible mother…

I thought I would share some fun things I have observed since Sami came into our lives.

Sami has never met a cookie he doesn’t like and he can tell when you have one even if you are in the other room. You will be required to share as he has wings and can fly…and also bite.

You are also required to let him try any and everything you are eating even if he didn’t like it the last time…. his opinion might change. Who knows?

He can tell when you are just drinking water and gives you a look of deepest disappointment. He loves soda. He will look at you and say “soda” and when you offer him a sip of your water he will turn his back on you.

He has been known to hold a grudge.

He laughs a lot. It is so cute.

He will scream and nag Michael if he thinks Michael is mistreating Reagan. See, Reagan hates tummy time and will cry for most of it but the Dr. Said she has to do it so we still make her do it. Sami thinks we are being mean to the baby and will yell at us.

He loves to preen our hair and has started to gently preen Reagan’s hair while she is eatting. I am sure he is just doing it so she will share her food but it is still sweet.

Turning on the kitchen sink means you are inviting him for a shower…even if you really just wanted to wash the dishes.

He is much more comfortable flying around the trailer than he was the house. It is not uncommon for him to go off exploring on occassion. He will of course have his constant companion Sunbeam the parakeet with him. But he will not share his cookie with sunbeam.

He loves playing in my wet hair.

When Michael is laying on the couch reading a book Sami will go over and stand between his eyes and the book and demand some attention.

He likes to box and wrestle with Michael.

He is scared of the dark and needs a nightlight.

The conure book said they can’t digest dairy however that doesn’t stop ice cream from being Sami’s favorite food. We try not to eat it in the house since he is capable of helping himself and we don’t want him to get sick.

He loves story time with Reagan. He likes some books better than others.

He loves to cuddle with his mama.

Sometimes he will be mean to sunbeam and other times he is so sweet. He always likes to go in her cage and steal her food.

He will poop on Michael when he wants his cage clean. Michael does not think this is funny but I do. I think it is brilliant that he knows it is Michael’s job to clean the cages.

Anytime the phone rings he things it is for him. He will get on your shoulder and “talk” into the phone. Sometimes it is cute but mostly it makes talking on the phone a pain in the butt. He can be very persistant.

For some reason he plays shy around my friend Christine no matter how nice she is to him. I find it funny since most of my other friends don’t really like him (due to the whole let me land on your head thing) but Christine sincerely wants to be his friend. He is also very mean to my sister..well it is more that he wants to box and wrestle and she wants to cuddle. No matter how many seeds she gives him as soon as she stops he tries to “get her”

We really do love this little guy!


3 thoughts on “Oh Sami!

  1. Someday Sammy and I will be the best of friends. I just know it. although until that time please do not leave him in your will for me. 🙂

  2. You should have taken several pics, Sami in Reagan’s mouth, Reagan screaming, you cryng. lol.
    It happens, did I tell you “Santa” brought Kennedy a dog last year that 2 days later tried to bite her face? I had no one to watch her so she was with me when I took the dog to the pound the next morning. Bad mommy of the year award definitely went to me. haha.

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