whew…. I am beat!

But we are having a great time. Except for the fact that my precious father in law is in the hospital. Prayers would be appreciated.

Just for fun my cousin Jennifer and I attempted to take our newborns and her 2 year-old and 5 year-old to have their portraits made at JC Penneys….oh.my.word

All probably would have been perfect if they had been running on time but after waiting an hour we had 2 very miserable 2 month olds and a 2-year-old who wanted the cookie we promised him RIGHT NOW thank you very much. Since we could not calm the babies they suggested we go walk around until they fell asleep and them come back and they would take sleeping baby pictures. I assumed that when they made that suggestion that when we returned they would get us in right away NOT make us wait another hour by which time the babies had woken up and were now hungry. In the end we settled for screaming baby pictures…. and hopefully soon my eye will stop twitching. I did enjoy having extra time to visit with my cousin but 4+ hours in the Penneys portrait studio was probably not the ideal location for chit-chat.

Yesterday my mother in law took me to Textile Fabrics in Nashville to do a little Christmas shopping. He he he….she was naughtier than I was and she doesn’t sew. I guess having a granddaughter makes it imperative that she buy me all the cute little girl fabrics she can find! We came home with a great haul (pictures will come). Textile fabrics is my favorite shop even if they are ridiculously over priced (12.98 for quilting cotton ala Free Spirit/Michael Miller yeah right sucka) but they have such an amazing selection and their ribbons, trims and buttons are wowsers!

The cooking and baking frenzy has begun and I must confess to having very high hopes for a nap tomorrow. I am exhausted.


One thought on “Exhausted…

  1. Glad you are having such an amazing time except for the JC Pennys outing. Have an awesome thanksgiving. Call me when you get home. 🙂

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