a word about pigeons…


Well Michael finally did it…he met Tim the neighbor who raises the pigeons. He has been dying to meet him since we moved here. Apparently Tim is real kind and neighborly as he offered Michael a couple of baby pigeons to raise up. Trust me, I forbade him from accepting anymore pets from people.

But that got Michael asking him how he got into raising pigeons. It seems some kind person also offered Tim a couple of baby pigeons to raise and since he does not have a wise wife at home to kill him for bringing home the nasty little buggars he accepted. And now he can’t get rid of them. They just keep coming back and continuing to breed. So there you have it…even the guy who has the pigeons doesn’t want them. The are pretty “free range” around the trailer park. They like to strut in front of our trailer for two reasons

A. Michael feeds them (even though I have told him not to) and

B. it makes Sami crazy. I have to keep the curtains closed since Sami feels it is his duty to guard the house. So when Sami is not screaming “Stop it” at Reagan for crying he is squawking at the pigeons…which makes Reagan cry.

See, we are having fun!


1 thought on “a word about pigeons…

  1. Never a dull moment at your house, You are destined to be the house that all the kids hang out at when Reagan goes to school. 🙂 That’s not a bad thought it keeps you from worrying.

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