After spending the last few years

building a friendship closer than sisters

that as I find myself overwhelmed and staring into the abyss

I had always assumed you would be right there with me

so when I reached over to take your hand to get me through

I was surprised to find I am alone.

Perhaps it was naive of me to expect

to find my forever friend

in a bubble where beliefs, opinions and convictions

are fiercely guarded, fought over and able to divide.

But it did come as a shock that the bond we build

was as bitterly fragile as it proved to be

and I am standing here alone….very surprised

I am not angry, disappointed or mad

I have so many fond memories of all the times we’ve had.

I love you still, nothing with change that part

And God will heal my hurting heart

But next time, lesson learned

I won’t be surprised.


2 thoughts on “Surprised

  1. Oh Crys, this makes me so sad. I pray that the Lord will heal your hurting heart and give you that relationship back in whatever way He intends. I pray that these days will be filled with joy and hope.

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